The Cat’s Meow Anthology

A Meankitty Publishing Anthology
by Hera B Magic, aka Angela Campbell, Shona Husk & Cindy Spencer Pape
Release Date: October 2014
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: short stories
Buy Links (Free!): Smashwords

Three splendid short stories full of black cats, Halloween and even a little romance. Another anthology from Hera B. Magic and the authors of the Here Be Magic blog. 23,000 words.

“Kit’s Cat” by Cindy Spencer Pape. Kit’s life has gone downhill and then downhill some more, and she can’t even get a good night’s sleep. When she realizes the stray cat that’s been caterwauling outside her window is injured, saving it will take her life on some ups and downs no one could ever have predicted.

“The Tenth Life of Vicky Torres” by Shona Husk. Seth expected the world to end in wars and bombings, not in a plague. When he obeys his dying father and heads for their secret cabin in the mountains, he gets lonely so fast that he’s willing to share his meager food with the stray kitty that appears in the woods. But is the cat what it appears to be or is it something else entirely?

“The Night Shift” by Angela Campbell. Hailey Crawford has finally got her life in order, and it’s unfortunate that it doesn’t have much space left for sisters, nieces, or boyfriends. It definitely doesn’t have space for vagrants hanging around her florist shop…until one night when an accident involving the vagrant changes Hailey’s outlook on everything. In fact, she wakes after the tragedy to find her outlook has gotten very close to the ground. Cat close, in fact.

Note: I personally don’t have a short story in this anthology, but I may put one in there (with the other authors’ approval) and reupload it at some point. In the meantime, all three of these stories are AWESOME! They may not need me in there mucking it up 🙂

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