Sea Change

SEA CHANGE (Realm #3)
Jody Wallace
Coming Soon!
Length: Novel
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Rating: PG13-R

Skythia Fiertag hasn’t had much to do since her brother Embor saved the world and they lost the election for Primaries of the Realm. She spends her time eking her revenge on the horrid little gnomes that now run rampant all over the Realm, despite the warnings of the fey cats that the gnomes should be left alone. A gal’s gotta make money somehow, and if other fairies want to pay her to “relocate” gnomes, she’ll do it.

Lennox Westerpod is from a species of fey whose existence has been lost in the mysts of time–the merrow, the water fey, the shapeshifters of the deep. When the culmination of the merrows’ generations-long plot to drain the magic from the land dwellers is at hand, Lennox and others with softer hearts cannot abide the destruction it will cause. Their counterplot to save the land dwellers is interrupted, however, by a traitor within, and Lennox flees to the one land dweller he knows better than himself–Skythia Fiertag. But she has no idea he even exists.

That changes, very quickly, and Skythia finds herself caught up in yet another threat to the existence of the Realm. Hounded by deadly merrow shapeshifters and unable to trust one another completely, Skythia and Nox must mesh their very different methods of how one should save the world into a single cohesive strategy, without losing their heads or their hearts in the process.