Earthbound Passion

Mari Shu 9-14 Black Red StarsEARTHBOUND PASSION (Adventures of Mari Shu, Book 1)
By Jody Wallace
Release Date: October 2014
Genre: SFR + Erotic Romance Spoof
Length: 40,000 words
Rating: Adults with a sick sense of humor
From: Meankitty Publishing
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About the book: Mari Shu, a factory drudge in the year 4000-something, must choose how to protect her sisters, her purity, and her own conscience in a bleak futuristic society that’s been polluted by smog, rampant commercialism, tacky jumpsuits, sexual perversions, unjust socioeconomics, interstellar travel, and inconsistent use of the Oxford comma.

In this first of many planned interactive adventures, Mari Shu’s decision to stick to Olde Earth opportunities, such as professional sexxoring, has deeper consequences than she could ever have dreamed possible.

Warning: Book contains offensive material. Buttloads of boatloads of offensive, vulgar, disrespectful, and possibly triggering material. Sexual, political, economic, racial, physical, typographical, religious—really, trying to hit all the big ones. Please make sure to sign your correct name to the hate mail so we can give proper credit in the follow-up volume entitled, “The Hate Mails to Mari Shu”.

Tropes: Um. All of them?

Link to Mari Shu Main Page

Adventures of Mari Shu #2: MARTIAN CONQUEST.

Adventures of Mari Shu #3: FAR GALAXIES.

***** Excerpt from EARTHBOUND PASSION*****

From Segment 1 (850 words)

Mari Shu Three Million Even trudged alongside the hoverwalk, stabbing pains pinching her arches with every step. After a long, hard day in the widget factory, the workers’ pay had been reduced. Third time in a month. All because the workers on the moon branch had rioted again, so everyone was being punished for their insolence.

As such, she hadn’t had the credits for a taxicraft, much less a spot on the hoverwalk. She would, like so many other widgeters, have to walk the ten miles uphill to her slum sweet slum, the only affordable housing for a Million like herself.

Wealthier citizens on the hoverwalk whizzed past her and the other drudges, fluttering her long blond hair and puffing the smells of oil, ozone (there’s always ozone somewhere), and desperation (there’s always desperation somewhere) around her. On the other side, separated by naught but a thin railing, cruised even wealthier citizens in their personal luxury crafts and suits in government vehicles.

Hurtling death lurked three paces to the right. If she stumbled sideways, fell over the railing, and ended her life of drab misery…

But no. She had responsibilities. Two of them, in fact. How was she going to tell Cassie and Trish, her dependent siblings, that she didn’t have enough credits to pay rent by tomorrow?

Only one thing happened to Millioners whose lazy shiftlessness and clear-cut lack of Olde Earthian values meant they became homeless. Okay, a couple things, but none of them were good.

Her sisters would be no help with financial difficulties. The girls couldn’t get widget jobs. Mari Shu had been too poor, since their drug-addled mother had died, to send them to school for training. All Cassie and Trish could do would be sexxoring work, and she’d promised her grandmother at the old woman’s required post-menopause euthanasia ceremony that no Three Million Shu would ever earn her living on her knees.

Not that her mother had cared for that vow. Mother had sexxored since day 6570, the first one upon which she’d been legally allowed. In Olde Earth society—in all seven districts—no one dared sexxor when it wasn’t legally allowed. That was a quick trip to the Venus penile colony waiting to happen.

Mari Shu heaved a sigh, her unfashionably large breasts bobbing under her jumpsuit and attracting the attention of a tall male plodding nearby.

“Hello, fellow citizen.”

“Hello,” she responded.

“Might I state factually that you are a female of what appears to be pre-menopausal age?” he inquired.

“You may.” It was, after all, factual. She was twenty-three Olde Earth years old. Menopause and euthanasia were several decades off.

His grey drudge jumpsuit, the same shade of grey as hers, marked him as a fellow drudge and millioner. The material didn’t conceal his muscled form any more than it did her large breasts, trim waist and long legs. Olde Earth citizens were required to remain in peak physical condition to ease the strain on the medical facilities of their overpopulated, polluted and probably dying planet, hence the colonization of nearby planets. However, one must admit Venus and its penile colony were far from optimal, the people on the moon were always rioting, and Mars, well, it was mostly for the very wealthy—the rover class.

“Are you in a domestic partnership?” he inquired.

Men didn’t often ask Mari Shu about her partnership status since she had long legs, blond, tousled hair, and full lips that were as unfashionable as her full breasts, for whatever reason. Perhaps because she was tall instead of short? Mari Shu had never understood, but really, readers should just assume a heroine doesn’t feel sexually attractive or libidinous until she meets the hero, who definitely isn’t some random widgeter trying to get a piece of action on the street…the other piece of evidence to the man’s lack of heroism being the fact Mari Shu’s hoohah had yet to tingle in any way, shape or form upon meeting him.

“No,” Mari Shu told the man who did not make her hoohah tingle.

“Me neither. So how about you and I get a permit to make sweet anal love?” he suggested leeringly.

“I refuse your offer,” she told the man. As a Millioner, Mari Shu wasn’t allowed to procreate. A special seal on her vagina ensured her lack of breeder sexxoring. While we realize an actual barrier covering the vagina would also interfere with other things that tend to happen to adult female bodies, such as menstruation, this is science fiction. Assume it’s been taken care of.

Only ascension into the ranks of the Thousanders meant vaginal penetration for her ilk…outside of sexxoring work, that is. For which she would be medically sterilized, giving rise to questions of how her sexxoring mother and Millioner grandmother had managed to get knocked up and have babies, but who needs internal narrative consistency?

And anyway, Mari Shu had a vow to keep. No sexxoring as a means of earning a living. Even if it meant getting the oft-itchy seal off her vag.

(c) Jody Wallace 2014

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