Summer 2019

Working on DRAGONS with author DB Sieders. Next up: the blue dragons! Due in 2019. BLUE STREAK out June 2019!

Writing and publishing CATALYST, part of the Obsidian Rim world and book 1 in a new series!

Petting cats.

Tap dancing.

Crocheting chair socks.

I never go anywhere, man.

Looking for a few good/bad editing clients

Maintaining my ETSY store for inappropriate items! Need a peen for the cuddles? What about some F-bomb earrings?

Fall/Winter 2019/2020

Attending the Indie Romance Convention in October 9-12, 2019

Publishing and writing Book 2 of the Cat Ship series (Obsidian Rim World)

Publishing and writing Book 3 of the Cat Ship series (Obsidian Rim World)

Finalizing and publishing Blue Guard (the dragon books)

I don’t even know. Writing and crocheting.