Hobbies for Writers

Writing and editing, although I love them, are jobs. A writer can’t write all the time, so she needs hobbies. Mine are crocheting and cats! In fact, before I was a published author, I was a world famous website person with the Meankitty Gallery. This was long before social media, back when cats and the internet first started combining forces to take over the world. 1999 or thereabouts.

Since then my Meankitty website–a treasure trove of pictures and stories from real people about their real and often horrible cats–has fallen by the wayside. Nobody visits anymore, nobody sends submissions anymore, and my energy gets directed to other things.

That being said, I STILL love Meankitty and think you will, too! I have worked with my web guru to set up a new design for it and I’m testing it at www.meankitty.net. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Jody W & Meankitty

Crooked Shit

I mean this literally, not that I’m getting hired to work in 2018’s administration at the White House

Clearly in my “inappropriate” category over at Etsy, I’ve added a poopy little offering to my side hustle!

Poop. And not just any poop but some real crooked shit.

Sometimes the poop is even dubious of just how crooked it is — or maybe it’s dubious about you?

Who wants a straight face, anyway?

Anyway. I use my time wisely.

Jody W. & Meankitty

Thor Helmet for Dolls and Peens

I wrote my first crochet pattern!

Doll-sized Thor Helmet

crochet helmet

© Jody Wallace 2018

Yarn: Sport weight or worsted. Hook: F.
Stitches: sc, hdc, dc, tc, sl st (American terms)

Crochet a simple sc (single crochet) beanie to fit your small amigurumi until it reaches the eyebrow area. This can approximate whatever pattern you used to shape the head. If you’re making it for a fashion doll or other store-bought item, a basic beanie pattern is:

  1. 6 sc in magic ring, do not join.
    2. 12 sc (2 sc in each around)
    3. 18 sc (2 sc, 1 sc around)
    4. 18 sc so it starts to curve)
    5. 24 sc (2 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc around)
    6. 24 sc so it curves more
    7. If it’s the right circumference now, then 24 sc until the beanie is where you want it. If it’s not, keep adding 6 sc per row (or every other row) until it is wide enough and then sc around until it fits.
    8. You can add a fancier edge on the last row – back or front loop only; sl st; alternate hdc, dc; fpsc; etc.

Note: If you skip the non-increase rows, the resulting hat will be less pointy. Basically do whatever fits your doll. This one is a bit too big for our Lady Thor.

Now for the Wings – Chin Guard

Ch 11 (or whatever length is needed to go from chin to mid-head), turn, 10 sc, ch 1, turn, 10 sc. This is the base part.

Ch 4, turn, tc 2x in same, dc, dc, hdc, hdc, sc, sc, sl st, ch 1, turn. This should leave a couple stitches from the base untouched.

Sl st in first sc (ignoring the sl st from the last row), [ch 3, sl st in first ch (picot)], sl st in next st, picot, 6x total. Once you have 6 picot, the next st is a sc, not a sl st, and the picots are 4 ch, not 3 ch. The two bigger picots should line up with the 2 triple crochet st. To finish off, after you have completed the last picot, sl st in the same st, finish off.

Attach one on each side so they are balanced around the face of whoever is going to wear this hat. If they curl up too much, you can crochet the base part again (without the wings) and sew it to the underside of your chin guards. This will stiffen it up.

Note: If your hat wearer has a smaller head than this, you can condense the wings pattern accordingly. Such as, if the desired length of the base is 7 sc, then for the “wings” row you would do the two tc in the first stitch and then maybe 1 dc, 2 hdc, 1 sc. Experiment and see what has the right proportions for your doll and then duplicate it for the other side. It’s such a short / easy pattern that frogging it and trying again isn’t as painful as it would be with, say, a human hat!

You can crochet the wings in white or add other embellishments – buttons, beads, glitter!

This exists as a printable PDF at Ravelry.


Feel free to make this hat for personal use or to sell, but don’t re-sell or claim the original pattern or photos as your own. Please include a link to me if you post your creation/sell these hats! Give credit where credit is due. www.jodywallace.com