Romances are like ice cream. There’s a flavor to please everyone, provided you don’t have a dairy allergy. The flavors in the books I write are science fiction, paranormal, and the occasional contemporary romances. I love…love, adventure, science, cats, jokes, and spinning outlandish yarns. That often have kissing in them.

Please note that I am a fan of the Oxford comma, but it looks terrible after an ampersand, NATALIE.

This site is currently receiving a major overhaul! Feel free to let me know if you find something doggy.

New Release

Lincoln Caster will do anything to save the sexy sales agent Briar Pandora plus a ship full of sleeping cats and people. Maybe even *that*.

Cat of the Week

a siamese cat face close up wtih red pupils because of the camera

At what times is Henry of the Red Eyes most likely to eat your food? Come find out when you meet our cat of the week at the Meankitty site and be sure to check out some of the other lovely felines.

Holiday Free!

wintertide spell free short story by jody wallace cover

If the King is fated to love 13 women before he turns 50, is he still husband material? A pregnant Queen must track her straying husband through a cold wintertide night.

There are two sides to every story. I aim to tell the third. And I’m adding cats regardless.

Jody Wallace

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