It’s been hard to sit on it since I saw the cover art in early December, but I am thrilled to share it with you now:

Yay! It’s a book! The link to see it on the publisher site is: I’m going to upload the larger version at my website if you want to see it in more detail. It’s intricate. The artist’s name is Christine Clavel, and she said she worked especially hard on the dress. The book comes out on January 29, two weeks from today. It’s a fantasy romance based on “The 12 Dancing Princesses” with a heat level that’s about the same as most mainstream romance–aka it’s not X-rated, like Ellie Marvel’s stuff! And yes, I will get pats on the back if I make the top ten list of my publisher in the first week.
Next up, the awesomest book video, ever! Because my 6 year old daughter made it.

FLEs Are Not Just For Cats

And by “for” cats, I mean ON cats. And by saying they are not just for cats, I don’t mean that the humans in our house have fleas.

FLE stands for “final line edits”, and I have had my final line edits for A SPELL FOR SUSANNAH (releasing January 29) approved. Which means, at long last, I can offer up some official excerpts! I posted one from the second chapter on my website, where the heroine and hero first meet when she and her mother, the Queen, are interviewing candidates for the castle guard. The excerpt is PG. Soon there will be another excerpt on the Samhain website, something PG-13ish, and there will also be one that appears in the backs of other Samhain novels. My FLEs had excerpts from THE WOLVERINE AND THE FLAME by Rebecca Goings and GO BETWEEN by Dayna Hart.

I’ve also seen my cover and I’m waiting to hear it’s been approved as well. I definitely approved!

In other writing news, I got a couple reviews for SUM3, to wit:

Lee-Ann at Fallen Angel Reviews: “Sum 3 is an anthology that can please any romantic taste. Join these talented authors in their worlds of magic, fantasy, paranormal, and most of all, love. Each story is a well-chosen example of the genre, put together so your attention is caught and held tight.” The full review:

At Amazon, 2 different reviewers have said, “The world-building in all the stories is the biggest factor contributing to the five-star rating. Every author paints the world as existent and whole, without filling paragraphs of description and explanation that take the reader out of the story.” Then also: “If you like romances mixed with ‘what could be’s’ then you’ll like this book.” Full page: Sum3: The 2006 Zircon Anthology of Speculative Romance.

Is it too-too lame to point out Amazon reviews, all things considered? 🙂

Ok, I see that for some reason the baby is nude and I must rectify that before she takes advantage of the floor.

Jody W.

I Have a Release Date!

Three things of note in the career realm.

One, I have a release date for A SPELL FOR SUSANNAH:
January 29, 2008!

Two, I sent off the contract for my second novel to Samhain last week, but I have no more publication details at this time. It’s the one with the fairies, evil garden gnomes, and Las Vegas setting.

Three, TRS has included one of my Ellie Marvel novellas in today’s Book-a-Day giveaway:

Jody W.