It’s been hard to sit on it since I saw the cover art in early December, but I am thrilled to share it with you now:

Yay! It’s a book! The link to see it on the publisher site is: I’m going to upload the larger version at my website if you want to see it in more detail. It’s intricate. The artist’s name is Christine Clavel, and she said she worked especially hard on the dress. The book comes out on January 29, two weeks from today. It’s a fantasy romance based on “The 12 Dancing Princesses” with a heat level that’s about the same as most mainstream romance–aka it’s not X-rated, like Ellie Marvel’s stuff! And yes, I will get pats on the back if I make the top ten list of my publisher in the first week.
Next up, the awesomest book video, ever! Because my 6 year old daughter made it.

Baby? What baby?

I don’t know why the slaves bother to have a crib, considering where Loud Thing always sleeps. And where Big D and I sleep at least half the night, at least until we decide it’s party time and get evicted from the master bedroom. But not before the slaves are fully awake, including Loud Thing, who’s a real hassle to soothe at 3 am!

Big D and I have found a new place to sleep the remainder of the night. It’s pretty cozy.


Loud Thing Becomes Mobile!

It was bound to happen. Loud Thing is now mobile on the all-fours and the other day she discovered my food and water and made a big mess before Typing Slave realized what was going on.

I *might* have lured her into the utility room by getting her to chase me. *Might*. I have an enticing tail, what can I say?

The slaves put the baby gate up shortly thereafter. I don’t know what’s so wrong with Loud Thing getting a little crunchy protein in her diet at her age, just because she has only 3 teeth. If you let the food soak in the water long enough, it’s soft enough for a tyke like her.

As she discovered.


MK the Pied Piper

Interrupt Much?

Oh, you’re home from your vacation, huh? Thought we missed you while you were gone? Think again. Can’t you see we’re sleeping here? All that partying we did while we had the house to ourselves, aside from the times when the petsitter was here. Plus we need to rest up to ring in the New Year, Meankitty style, so scram! The flash interrupts my dreams of bunny carnage. Now I’m going to have to make Big D give me a backrub to soothe my frazzled nerves. Or at least that’s what I plan to tell him.



Cats & Baby Toys Part Something

Some things are so good they’re worth sharing. Case in point: the gymborini. If you can’t run them off, the wise meankitty understands that it’s occasionally okay to join them:

Joining them without a fight lulls them into obedience. That way the next time you demand a spot in the house for your very own, they will be more inclined to let you have it. Unless, of course, “they” is/are another cat:

It’s okay to share with other cats sometimes, too. We meankitties are nothing if not erratic and inconsistent! It’s part of our charm. (It’s also in the SOHC handbook.)


PS: Check out Carnival of the Cats this week for more cat-centered posts!

2 out of 2 Cats Agree — Enough!!

The most recent post featured me, Your Gloriousness, having a little trouble with a certain tiny yet not very tiny slave replacing me in the Lap of Petting. Just in case you suspected I might be whining about a one time incident, I present to you the following sequence of shots. It’s not just me. Big D has also been ousted!

D: I think I’ll hop up here in Typing Slave’s lap for some loving and petting.

(hops up)

D: And yet…there seems to be not as much room from this angle as there appeared to be from the floor! What is this massive lump of smell and sound in my way?

D: If I scootch myself half on, half off the special lap cushion and the arm of the chair, I can just manage to share. Share! I no like this sharing stuff.

Loud Thing: I’m sharing? What’s sharing? Ooooh, kitty!


PS: Typing Slave wants to know if you prefer her to put her writerly observations and updates in a blog instead of on the News page at her site, since she had to nix the comments form due to spammers. Such boring things would not go here, however, but at her formerly unused LiveJournal blog. But I’m, like, how blabby can you get? How MANY places do you need to talk about yourself, your life, your cats, your career, and your idiot human foibles? How MANY mememe’s do you need? Cuz I just need this one. And my site. And, you know, the occasional appearance on Friday Ark or Carnival of the Cats.

Enough Might Be Enough

I am really getting tired of having to share my laps around here. TS puts a special pillow in her lap — a pillow that’s even more comfy than her plush human thighs and stomach, mind you — and then Loud Thing stretches out across it and takes up ALL the ROOM! I mean, what are they feeding this kid?? I know she gets sweet potatoes, but how in the world did she get so big so fast? And why do the slaves think her needs are more important than mine? Just because she wakes up from the soundest of sleeps if they dare to put her in her own bed. Or in any bed. Or anywhere besides the lap where she first falls asleep. Let the kid catnap. It’s what I do.

As you can see, this does NOT please me. In fact, I might have to start plotting my revenge.


PS: for Friday Ark!

Are You Done Yet?

In the spirit of my last post, here I am, waiting for my turn with the laptop. Typing Slave takes sooooooo long. Perhaps because she’s always typing with 1 hand while Loud Thing is in her lap? Note: picture on the screen is Jack, the Meankitty Celeb.

But it’s frustrating, you know? I can’t sit in her lap unless I share it with the icky sticky, I can’t use the computer, I can’t get out the door to beat the butt of the neighbor’s cat, I can’t do anything that requires opposable thumbs…. To ease my frustration, I’ve increased the times per night I rattle the garbage can and scratch on the door. Especially the new “baby gate” door they put up to guard Pink Thing’s room, with all it’s pwecious wittle toys, from the soon-to-be-mobile Loud Thing. More on that stupid gate later.



It’s surprisingly delicious! What, you ask? Baby sweet potatoes! D says I’ll love the meat sticks even more. What I want to know is, when will Loud Thing be old enough to feed me on purpose, like Pink Thing is? THEN she’ll have a purpose beyond stealing my lap.