To Haters of the Romance Genre

To people who think romance novels are for weak-brained individuals because only teenage girls and stupid people dwell on human relationships or anything that has a happy ending to a romantic relationship, since that’s just not real life, man, and you’re not that shallow with your big ole brain which you use for more important things than thinking about the Romance and the Sex and the Happy:

That explains why your life sucks. Bless your poor little heart.

A happy and not particularly small brained romance writer and reader

Writing Contest from Red Sage

*** Permission to Forward Granted ***

Red Sage has a reputation for finding the next big stars in romance writing. Our author roster reads like a bestseller list. We’re also known for being a tough market to crack, but now we’re giving writers an opportunity to see their names added to the list of Red Sage stars!

To celebrate the growth of the Secrets line of anthologies and the launch of Red Sage Presents, our e-books line, we’re holding a writing contest. This is a great opportunity for two lucky winners to grow along with us!

Here at Red Sage, we admit to a certain fondness for the alpha male. He’s powerful. He takes what he wants. And he makes that one special woman want what he takes.

Whether he’s charming or ruthless, passionate or stoic, the alpha male makes a great romantic partner for today’s strong, modern woman. And we want to see erotic romance novellas that explore the complex relationship between the alpha male and the modern woman.

There will be two prizes awarded for the best stories. First prize will be publication in the Secrets anthology! Second prize will be publication as an e-book!

Here are the basic rules:

1. All entries must be original, unpublished erotic romance novellas of 25,000 to 35,000 words in English featuring an alpha male hero. 2. To enter, send a completed manuscript as an rtf file to with “Alpha Male Contest” in the subject line. Only rtf formats will be accepted. All other formats will be automatically disqualified and deleted unopened. Include your full name, contact information, and credentials (if any) in your cover e-mail.

3. Entries must be received by March 31, 2008, at midnight eastern time. You may enter as many times as you wish. By entering, you are certifying that your entry is your original unplagiarized work, that you own all rights in this work, that this work has never been published, and that you are willing and able to publish it with Red Sage. Any entry not meeting these requirements will be automatically disqualified.

4. In the event that none of the contest entries are deemed publishable, no winners will be declared. All entries will be reviewed by Red Sage editorial staff. All decisions are final. Non-winning manuscripts will be deleted at the conclusion of the contest.

5. For further tips on what Red Sage looks for in a manuscript, check our submissions guidelines at and our blog at

6. There is no fee for entering. Winners will receive a standard Red Sage publishing contract offer with standard Red Sage advance, royalties, and other terms.

7. This contest is void where prohibited by law.

Theresa Stevens
Managing Editor
Red Sage Publishing


JW’s note: My two Ellie Marvel novellas with Red Sage had beta males. That means I’m SO DARN GOOD I slipped past this whole alpha male obsession! *heheheh* I didn’t get pubbed with Red Sage through a contest, though.

Also note that I edited the header of this announcement for the purposes of posting it on this blog, where I have readers of mixed ages, so if you want to see the original, it’s here:

Top Ten Reasons Romance Novel Heroes Don’t Have Cats

1) He’s so hardened by his years on the vice squad, he can’t bear the touch of another being, plus he never has time to clean the catbox, which is why he’ll never love another woman.

2) He’s a creature of the night and everyone knows cats hate creatures of the night, aside from other cats, of course, and women, but he’ll never love another one of those (women OR cats).

3) When the hero and heroine have a cute meet, a dog is much more effective at running up and licking the heroine’s kid in the cherubic little face. He doesn’t even like kids, and the damn dog was originally owned by his ex, who taught him that he could never love another woman.

4) Because they don’t have cats on planet Zartorr, they only have ribaats, and that’s an entirely different, and more masculine, creature. He loves his ribaat, but he could never love an Earth woman.

5) Cats are no good at rounding up the hero’s herd of prize cattle that are all that is keeping his ranch from being bought out by that no good dirty Josephina Bivens, who’s the reason he can never love another woman.

6) Cats are hell on the rich, jetsetting CEO hero’s Italian leather sofa. And also, he’s allergic — to women.

7) Cats remind him of women–soft and purring but with sharp claws–and by God, he’ll never trust a woman again.

8) His two angelic twin daughters, whom he only found out about two weeks ago, could possibly be allergic to a cat, and he knows for a fact he can’t afford to get involved with another woman right now, not with his insta-family to care for.

9) It’s a full moon, he’s getting shaggy and sort of hungry — you get the picture. It’s a good thing there are no human women around.

10) All that time traveling as a Guardian of the Myst makes personal relationships with pets (and women) quite difficult. And by the way, he’ll never love another woman.