Catku #2 Winner

This is doubtless obvious to anyone who so much as glanced at the poll we just removed from the sidebar, but the winner of the second catku official photo poll is Meankitty and Big D, to wit:

It was a very cold weekend. I am going to have Typing Slave post some more photos of how I’ve been coping.


Quickie Contest 2: The Other Catku

The other official catku you’ll be voting on is by Bootstrap & Sarah B. Which one do you think should be the official catku we use for posterity? Just like the first contest, you can vote for 1, 2, 3 or 4 in the sidebar.

1. Meankitty in the kitchen:

2. Sam (of the Party Cats) on the feeder:

3. Meankitty in the window:

4. Meankitty and Big D:

You may be wondering why we limited our photo choices to Meankitty “family” members instead of searching through the hundreds of awesome photos on the Meankitty Gallery site. The answer is: LAZINESS. LAAA-ZEEE-NESSSSSS. Mmmmm, somebody’d rather lay around in a sunbeam than hunt and peck through the poorly organized backup files to locate the original submissions that are high enough quality to write the catku on.

Now go vote!


Catku From Magnet Winner

The magnet winners also got toy surprises for the felines in their lives. Apparently some of the toy surprises were a bit fragile, to wit:

The catku is:

Oh look! A new toy.
Best means of torture? Mmmmm…think…
Man, that mouse had guts.


Good stuff, huh?


Quickie Contest: Vote on Catku Photos!

This is a contest between me, me and me but you guys can judge. Typing Slave whipped up a couple lolmeankitties for the 2 catku that won our contest. Which one do you think should be the “official” catku photo? They all have the same haiku, which is by Danette and Miss Biscuit. Then vote for 1, 2 or 3 in the sidebar.

1. Sophy from, one of the Party Cats:

2. Meankitty in the chair:

3. Meankitty on the couch:

After you vote on this one for a couple days (until Weds or Thurs), we’ll post the possible lolmeankitties for the other one.


The Catku Winners

We’re not saying which is which (fanfave or MKfave, because we *know* being the MKfave is the bigger honor). But since the winners get the same thing, we figure it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, the winning catkus are:

cat purr…

They kind of sound the same, don’t they? A cat purr and a drumroll?

cat purr…
cat purr…
cat purr…

In order of appearance:

8. I am in your chair?
I think not. You sit only
to make my throne warm.

10. I found my sunbeam.
But when I wake up later
You’ve moved it again

We’ll put these to picture soon, v. soon! The winners need to have their humans contact us and provide mailing addresses so we can send the goodies. We will also attempt to contact the winners using the email addresses given to us, but just in case, you heard it here first.

More soon and congrats!

MK & Typing Slave
PS: Big D says HOWDEEEEEEE, folks, huh huh huh, that has my name in it, howdeeee. Deeeee. I’m Deeeee. Huh huh huh.

Voting, She is Closed

The catku voting is closed. Winners should be announced in the next couple of days, whenever my lame slaves figure out the best way to count all the votes. As it happens, there were a lot of votes, and we appreciate everyone’s participation! It makes it so much more fun to do what we do for no money when we at least get participation :).

In other news, I am weaning Loud Thing of her pacifiers by chewing holes in all of them whenever I find them. And I am very, very good at finding them. Hide them behind the headboard? I fit back there, too, for I am slight and delicate. Leave them in the bed? I can worm under the sheets, for I am flexible and clever. Stuff them in the cracks between the couch cushions? Okay, those I ignore because even *I* am scared of what’s under the couch cushions. I wait until the baby gets them out and throws them on the ground, whereupon I pounce and chew.

I have also taught Loud Thing to attempt to climb the Christmas tree and, failing that, to cram herself behind it and screech.

The humans can thank me later; right now I have some latex to gnaw.


Cat Fight, Haiku Style!

The catku submissions have been formatted and spellchecked, at least a little, and they’re now available for your reading pleasure. More importantly, for your votes. Go to: to check them out.

Be sure to vote and tell everyone else to vote, too. There will be two winners — the fan favorite and the Meankitty favorite. If we don’t get enough votes, we reserve the right to mock and nag you incessantly.


The Last Catku

Not the last catku EVER, just for now. We’re going to share all the catkus sent in by humans and cats, maybe even a few dawgs, so you can vote on your favorites. The viewer’s choice gets a T-shirt, and Meankitty’s choice gets a T-shirt. Same T-shirt. Right now, Meankitty’s favorite is one she wrote herself:

Of course she hasn’t read any of the incoming entries, the better to keep her palate fresh for judging. We’ll accept entries via email until Friday night when we go to bed, so anything that’s here before we go to bed we’ll take and anything lurking Saturday morning we…well, we might take it anyway, if we’re feeling generous!

For more details about how to enter, visit the party page: Feel free to post titles for this catku in the comments but no haikus themselves. Don’t waste ’em — send ’em in!