Blurb/Counterblurb: Love is a Frenzy

lovefrenzyBy Eleri Stone (

John Smith thought Lila would make an excellent companion until she stole his sonic screwdriver and broke both his hearts. Now, using only his wits, a flair for fashion, and a mysterious blue box, he chases her through time and space, desperate to stop her before she unlocks the secrets of the rare and dangerous technology.

Lila Love is a Frenzy, a feisty red-headed alien with an unrepentant love of disco and bubblegum lip gloss. Unless she finds a way to disable the doomsday device threatening the lives of her fun-loving people, her planet will be utterly destroyed. Yes, she took the screwdriver, but she left behind her favorite necklace as payment so in her eyes they’re even. Besides, her need is far greater than John’s!

The clock is ticking. Will Lila discover how to use the screwdriver before all is lost? Will John ever be able to forgive her betrayal? Why are there palm trees on her shirt? Find out more in…Love is a Frenzy.