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Meankitty might review your book. Might. Please keep in mind if you seek this out, she is a cat, she is not a nice cat, and she hates a lot of stuff. With vigor.


She won’t post reviews anywhere else, like Amazon or Goodreads (for which you’ll probably be grateful); she won’t guarantee that she’ll do the review; she probably won’t write anything in the review that’s ‘quotable’ unless you have a funky sense of humor; and woe betide you if your book insults the feline species in any way, whether by failing to include them or more directly.

Most of her reviews are “BAD LIBS” style where the author provides a list of adjectives, adverbs, numbers and such, which Meankitty then drops into one of her review frames. Inconsistently.

A few of her reviews are actually the result of her having READ the book. I know, right?? A reviewer reading a book! These are in the category of MKREVIEWS.

Her rating system is as inconsistent as everything else she does. You might get a -1 for having a dog in the book. And she might rate it “almost as nice as a heat vent in the winter”.

You can contact us about reviews at jwallace at Don’t attach files. Your initial email is just an inquiry. There’s no guarantee of anything except that Meankitty is a shit. Any complaints about the review once it is published will probably be published too. Along with Meankitty’s responses.

To get an idea of how Meankitty responds to “fan” mail, go here:

And have a nice day!

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