Book Trailer Showcase Information

Among the many things authors can do to promote their books in this day and age is create what’s known as a book trailer. This can be anything from a video of the author talking about the book to a whizbang, movie-trailer style digital featurette. I’ve done a couple book videos myself, which you may or may not realize — not counting all the Meankitty videos, of course — and recently I was contacted to see if I wanted to participate in a new online venture that will showcase author book videos. It’s a fun site and it’s having it’s grand opening on December 15, 2011. I suggested the talking gnome vid for Survival of the Fairest, and the project managers kindly accepted it.

You can find out more at their website: I hope you’ll check it out!

Jody W. *

I Really Don’t Like It! Clean the catbox…

My humans got back from vacation recently, thank goodness, but apparently while vacationing at Grandma Slave’s house, they did a lot of reminiscing. They all came back singing the following song:

Something about how things like this make the internet worthwhile, even with all the spam and trolls and freaky bigots out there? I dunno. I just want them to clean my catbox.


Meankitty *

Giftwrapping Cats

Apparently there’s a craze going around the internet where idiot humans gift wrap their extremely tolerant cats. But instead of posting the proof here, we posted them over at the Meankitty site today. Go see! And tell us which vid is your favorite.

Meankitty & Big D & Typing Slave *

The One Paw Vs. The Sewing Machine

Typing Slave has been madly sewing on her sewing machine lately, and I have been a huge help! Not only have I gotten cat hair all over the clean fabric she was using in her project, but I have run off with spools of thread, jumped on her feet, knocked her scissors and seam ripper into the floor repeatedly, rolled around on her pattern, batted her buttons, lurked behind her sewing box, and interfered with her stitching. Here’s a good sample of me employing my patented one paw technique to hinder her progress:

I know other people who happen to stumble across this video on YouTube totally won’t understand what’s so Tube-able about a (gorgeous) cat repeatedly scratching a (stupid, cheap) sewing machine, but YOU guys will understand. And YOU guys will appreciately my devious psychological torment of Typing Slave using a single, perfect white paw.

I like to paw on the edge, what can I say? I will have TS post some more photos soon of how much help I have been, but it’s been awhile since I’ve shared a Meankitty Mini Movie.


Kitty At Rest?

Typing Slave found this YouTube vid on my friend Lynne’s blog. What does your cat do while you are trying to sleep? Of course we all know that Big D and I romp about the house scattering socks all over the place, but I confess that sometimes our nocturnal activities look more like this: