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As you may have heard, Kindle Worlds is going kaput in the middle of July. I have two books in the Magic, New Mexico Kindle World owned by author SE Smith — SILVER BOUND and RED AT NIGHT.

Those books are no longer in Kindle Unlimited and will soon be REPUBLISHED in a new, exciting venture I can’t wait to tell you about once the details are final!

You’ll still be seeing this gorgeousness, though…

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One More Down, Eight or So To Go!

Newly refurbished and released…but still full of romance, gnomes, fighting, snark, and good times!

Can a magical feline teach two stubborn fairies to open their hearts in time to save the world?

Embor Fiertag, Primary of the Fey Realm, has three goals. Get reelected, capture the rogue agents who tried to murder him, and improve his love life. His foretold bondmate is Anisette Serendipity, a Court trainee, but he hasn’t precisely shared the prophecy with her. How do you inform someone she belongs with you when she’s dating your chief political rival and doesn’t seem to like you at all?

In truth, Ani has always been intimidated by the stern Primary. He has good reason to disapprove of her–her sister nearly got him killed–and he always seems to be monitoring her. Waiting for her to screw up so he can oust her from Court as well. So why does Ani run straight to Embor after an overbearing suitor attempts the unthinkable?

When an unsavory political strategy gone all too right turns most of Court against Embor, the two of them, plus a manipulative magical feline, are forced to flee to humanspace. There they’ll have to find the courage to share their vulnerabilities and their hearts if they’re to have any hope of saving the entire Realm.

This title contains sex, fairy drugs, rampant gnomes, bloodshed, and cats ruling the world. As they should.

Note: 1000 Kisses was titled One Thousand Kisses when published by Samhain Publishing until 2016. This edition has been reedited, reformatted, and updated with a new cover but has not been substantially altered.

Buy it at Amazon and Smashwords — so far! Or is there somewhere else you want to buy it? Let me know…

Also, if you already own this and just want the updated version, contact me and we’ll talk :). Not a ton of changes, but hey, why not?


Jody W & Meankitty

Now With Added Oxford Comma!

SOTF has slipped back into publication. Edited, reformatted, recovered, and still hilarious. I read it back to front and put that Oxford comma back where it belongs. If you haven’t yet gotten your copy of this funny, freaky, fantastical Fey Realm fantasy romance, now’s a good time while it’s on sale for 2.99.

If for some reason you happened to have used your Amazon account to buy the paperback that was released from my previous publisher, the new ebook version only costs .99 with the Matchbook program!

You can check out the excerpt and buy link at Amazon or on my book page.


Jody W & Meankitty

I’m Available for Hire

Bandits_SmileI’ve decided to start freelance editing. It’s the cool thing to do in today’s indie world, I guess, if you have the skills, which I do. Used to be, you were an editor first until the writing bug just wouldn’t leave you alone! Heh.

But seriously. I’m all about putting my publishing eggs in several baskets. Baskets that I crocheted and might be either hedgehog or peen-shaped, depending on how you look at them.

Who will be the first to find a typo on my new editing pages? Mention this post and get a discount if you do!

Jody Wallace

Smart. Snarky. Seductive. And that’s just the books. *

Which Meme Is Best?

So, Susannah is now available again!  Only at Amazon so far but still — available and ONLY 99 cents for a week or two. If you liked Maleficent, Cinderella or any of the other fun fairy tale re-visionings that have been in the movies lately, Susannah is kind of like those, except sexier.

Anyway, which meme do you like best:



(This one ^ also has a version with fewer words.)



Jody W & Meankitty

Is This My New Blurb?

ASpellforSusannah600You tell me:

Twelve bored royal daughters in a kingdom where the nobility has been cursed to bear no male children. One sly detective who’s been tasked to find out where the ladies disappear to at night. What’s a princess to do?

If you’re Princess Susannah, the eldest of the twelve princesses, you research inheritance laws and curse-breaking magic until you develop the ability to work magic yourself. You might use that magic to accidentally discover an enchanted land beneath your palace where hundreds of amnesiac princes dance and cavort all night long.

If you’re the King and Queen, you hire a professional to find out how your daughters are ruining their dancing shoes on a regular basis, despite all the measures you’ve taken to keep them safe and sound. And for that delicate job, you choose the handsome detective who instantly gets under your eldest daughter’s skin.

But enchantments won’t fix the Middle Kingdoms’ patriarchal laws, and the fairies won’t be pleased if they discover a mere mortal has learned to cast spells.

No, seriously. Is that a good blurb??

Jody Wallace
Smart. Snarky. Seductive. And that’s just the books. *

Newsletter, Survey, Unrelated Photo

Hi, everyone!

I need your help. I want to write one of those serial thingies in my newsletter, free for subscribers, but I thought it would be more fun (for me) if you participate! To that effect, I’m thinking of publishing the first segment and then asking for ideas/contributions for what should happen next. This would mean you can join in with writing a segment itself or just by tossing ideas at me that I put into words. Or at least telling me “I read it, please continue” so I know it’s not disappearing into the void 🙂

Here’s a short 4 question survey about it:

Newsletter update. Released a new one:

Unrelated photo:

IMG_5772Found on the door the other morning.

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I Wrote Holiday Stories

tempchristmasDo you like winter-themed holidays? So far, I’ve written four winter holiday tales. All but one are FREE, too. Can’t beat that price with a stick. I mean, you could, metaphorically, I suppose, if you put my book on your reader and it was so bad you took a stick to the device. If that happens, send me a photo of the broken device and I will autograph it for you, also free!

So, here’s the free goodies:

“New Year’s Magic” in the bounteous TINY TREATS anthology. A witch, a cat, and New Year’s Eve:

“Wintertide Spell” is a prequel to A SPELL FOR SUSANNAH, takes place in the fantasy land of the Middle Kingdoms, but stands alone.

“The Worst Christmas” is another prequel to WHAT SHE DESERVES and is a YA-set tale of high school, snow storms and unexpected gifts:

Claustrophobic ChristmasThe one you’d have to pay for, unless you email me some really nice compliments and I check to see if I have more author copies (hehe), is CLAUSTROPHOBIC CHRISTMAS, a steamy Tallwood novella involving an ice storm, a traffic jam caused by said ice storm, and two weary, I mean, SEXY travelers forced to make their own heat:

I had the wonderful opportunity to beta for a friend of mine, Sierra Donovan, for her recently released holiday tale with a hero named FRED, whom I adore: It’s a sweet, funny read with a holiday theme.

Also I love anything Christmasy Carla Kelly has written, such as and and Mary Balogh

My whole family approves of Bad Kitty’s Xmas tale, including the cats, , which is surprisingly tear-jerky for a picture book.

Now — add to my holiday reading list, if you please! What are your favorites in the comments?

Jody W & Meankitty

Double Book Release — Adventures of Mari Shu

Dear Readers of Romance and SF,

Do you crave a little WTF in your genre fiction from time to time?

Do you often wish the characters would do something different than what the author had them do?


Do you like to see a morally upstanding, hardworking protagonist challenged by circumstance and fate in a bleak futuristic setting?

Do you like coffee?

How about tea?

Or chocolate?

If you answered yes or no to any of the above questions, then I have got the books for you!

Today is the official release day for the first two volumes of The Interactive Adventures of Mari Shu!


Mari Shu, a factory drudge in the year 4000-something, must choose how to protect her sisters, her purity, and her own conscience in a bleak futuristic society that’s been polluted by smog, rampant commercialism, tacky jumpsuits, sexual perversions, unjust socioeconomics, interstellar travel, and inconsistent use of the Oxford comma. (HORRORS!)

In book 1, Earthbound Passion, Mari Shu’s decision to stick to Olde Earth opportunities, such as professional sexxoring, has deeper consequences than she could ever have dreamed possible.

MariShu_Martian_Final250In book 2, Martian Conquest, Mari Shu decides to desert Olde Earth for the unfamiliar comforts and sexual practices of Mars…and possible elevation to the elite Martian rover class.

The better these books do, the faster I’ll write MOAR MOAR MOAR, in the midnight hour and at other times. But to get me to stay up until midnight writing them on a regular basis, I’ll need a lot of encouragement. Just FYI.

Please note: these books are delightful, delightful parodies. They are raunchy. They namedrop a lot. They make fun of all your favorite things. And my favorite things too. They are not for kids. Cats think they’re stupid.



Jody Wallace
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