Crooked Shit

I mean this literally, not that I’m getting hired to work in 2018’s administration at the White House

Clearly in my “inappropriate” category over at Etsy, I’ve added a poopy little offering to my side hustle!

Poop. And not just any poop but some real crooked shit.

Sometimes the poop is even dubious of just how crooked it is — or maybe it’s dubious about you?

Who wants a straight face, anyway?

Anyway. I use my time wisely.

Jody W. & Meankitty

Joely Sue Burkhart & Shona Husk Have Nightmares

Hey gang! I’m actually just popping on here to share 2 awesome links you need to visit.

First, Joely Sue Burkhart — While this is about the sale of TANGIBLE and DISCIPLE on the surface, the fun part is where the author I’m interviewing tells us HER nightmares!

Also, author Shona Husk shares some of her scaries on her FB page —

Check them out! Tell them I said boo :).

Jody Wallace *


Things You Ought Not Do

Do you ever want to do something and you know you shouldn’t, because you tend to get carried away and besides it’s not very appropriate, and other, similar projects that you’ve jumped into haven’t really produced fruit or worldwide fame, but you really want to do this project?


penisremoteI’m starting a new project. It’s a Tumblr that will feature Mr. Pinky, the crocheted peen, and his buddies. I’ll need guest photographers, so feel free to send in an application! Guest photographers will receive (1) free crocheted peen in exchange for providing photos for the blog, sometimes with certain specifications. There’s only so many photos I personally can take! Besides, I know you want your own peen.

Jody W. & Meankitty

That Crafty Meankitty…


I opened an Etsy store, you guys, for things I hook, since I can’t hog them ALL to myself!

Meankitty helps me crochet, so I try to warn all shoppers that this is not a pet-free household. I hope that doesn’t put too many people off.


See what I mean?

The link is

No peens in the store yet, but I am eventually going to have a section for earrings, and a section for “Inappropriate Items” hehehe.

Jody Wallace & Meankitty
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Red Earrings…Eventually

Crocheted these out of size 10 thread and a 6/1.8 MM hook. Very squinty work. These are actually two patterns. The 1st and 3rd are the same pattern, but I omitted rows 3 + 4 on the 3rd one.

So I don’t know. Which ones are the prettiest? The biggest ones are larger than I usually wear as earrings. Obviously I will be applying STIFFY to the earrings. (That’s what she said.)

Patterns used:

#1, #3:


red earrings

Anybody want some red earrings??

Jody W. & Meankitty *

Creativity Beyond the Word

I am blogging today to tell you I blogged somewhere else today. Like you do.

My post is about creative projects that aren’t writing and why do I procrastinate all the time? The post does not answer the second question, since it’s unanswerable.

Jody Wallace
Author, Cat Person, Amigurumist of the Apocalypse  *

Trivia Tuesday, Meankitty Style

Here’s a fun “13 little known things about cats” link from somebody else’s blog:

While we like those items, we thought it would be more fun to create some Meankitty trivia to share with readers.

Meankitty Trivia

1) Cats are the smartest animals after primates. (Source: the packaging on the small humans’ Stringsters Cheese Sticks, Trivia Edition. We currently have an email in to the company to find out the source of this fascinating factoid. It’s not the common perception since humans tend to measure IQ in very human-centric ways, but humans owned by cats probably suspect something of the sort

2) My Little Pony dolls often have magnets in their hooves. These magnets are relatively strong. This can create an interesting situation for a cat with metal ID tags on her collar. To wit:

3) If pictures are worth a thousand words, videos are worth ten thousand.

Yes, I know that’s only 3 pieces of trivia. Highly suspect trivia. But seriously, after that, do you NEED more?


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