High Five of the Day

On FB, I’ve seen my author friend Trish Milburn doing a “365 days of positivity” thing this year where she is happy about something EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Can you imagine??

Now that it’s April and the weather is about to become so nuggy and hot that I hate life, I figure I should start something similar in order to keep my spirits up. Only I’ll call it the High Five of the Day, which I will probably not post every day, but still. Sometimes I might remember.

I actually just sent my first one to Natalie Damschroder but I can’t repeat it here. Hm. What’s a high five I can share?

HIGH FIVE: when Kid1 wakes me up at 2 am because she noticed she has a lymph node in her jaw and is scared it’s too big or moveable or what have you, I can tell her — because we went to her well visit today — the lymph node is TOTALLY NORMAL AND THE DOCTOR SAID SO AND GO BACK TO BED.

PS Here’s a picture of Kid1 a long, long time ago before she worried about lymph nodes.

crawling baby


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