Epublishing Survey – Confidential!

Angela James at Samhain is doing an epublishing survey and workshop to tell the uninitiated what they can really expect. Can you help? Here are the general deets that she needs. She says:

“If you’re willing to share with me–and only me–your 2007 epublishing earnings, I would like to use those numbers for my workshop, no names will be attached.

Total earned (through epublishers, but it can be for print and ebook earnings through those epublishers):
# books total for sale (not just new books, but backlist books):
# publishers (the books above were published through):
Were you a new author in 2007?

One author got particularly motivated and broke it down further to # of novels, novellas and short stories but that’s not necessary unless you really want to send me that info. I will use it if you send it.

My goal is to (hopefully) demonstrate that a living can be made in ebooks (one author has already responded who makes 1 1/2x what my husband makes at his day job), but that the income/royalties made can vary widely per author as well, and that backlist does help.
If you’re interested in sharing with me–and again, I will share names with no one else–please email me at angie@samhainpublishing.com. I’m already privy to Samhain’s numbers, I just really don’t want this to be about Samhain, but about epublishing in general, because my workshops are about epublishing, promoting positive information about epublishing. And I promise, this is not about finding out other publisher’s sales numbers, which is why I don’t ask who you write for, or what books you have with each. I am asking general numbers only. I understand many of you are not comfortable sharing this information, so no worries! I’m hoping if I ask around, I’ll come up with a few respondents.

If you think you know of others who might be interested in sharing their numbers with me, please pass this on.

Here is Angie’s site for the full article: http://nicemommy-evileditor.com/blog/?p=1273


Read an Ebook, Win a Free Ebook!

Today is the last day of the official “Read an Ebook Week” over at http://www.domokos.com/readebookweek.html , and if you didn’t know this week was happening, you’ve got another chance! Samhain Publishing, one of my publishers, is extending Read an Ebook week as Reader Appreciation week from March 9-15, and they are giving away all sorts of goodies (including non-ebooks) on their chat loop. You can find the loop at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/samhaincafe/ .

Ebooks, as you probably know, are electronic versions of books, just like audio books are aural versions of books and hardbacks are really heavy versions of books. They are, indeed, ‘real’ books, with the added attraction of not requiring trees for production; as they say at the Domokos site, they reduce one’s carbon footprint in the world. They’re greener and more earth-friendly than hardcopy books and I love them. I love the fact I don’t have to find shelf space for the ebooks I own and so does my husband, whose biggest gripe with me is probably my tendency to packrat us out of house and home.

Now the Samhain Cafe can be a very busy and entertaining loop, so I personally keep it on “digest”, but this would be a great week to try it out, if you haven’t already. There’s going to be an ebook given away **on the hour**, as well as other goodies, including a grand prize of an ebook reader! I don’t know if Samhain authors are eligible for the prizes, but I’d love to win some free ebooks and a reader! I read ebooks on my little old PDA, which is great, but an actual ebook reader is so tempting.

I’m going to be participating on and off through the week, sharing excerpts, random comments, contests, jokes, and general observations from the peanut in my gallery. Hope to see you there!


Win a Free Ebook Reader

So this book of mine Samhain just released is an ebook for now, with the print edition coming out November 25, 2008. Anybody out there unfamiliar with the concept of ebooks? Basically it’s an electronic version of the text readable on computers and heldhelds, including specific devices created for that purpose, aka ebook readers. Most books these days have an electronic version. In fact, Amazon just introduced their own ebook reader to the market, the Kindle, and they hope you’ll download all your ebooks from them since you can only put Amazon ebooks ON the Kindle unless you’re a haxX0r. I heard people haxX0red their iPhones to read on them as well.

I read more and more on my wee, old PDA because I can hold it easily in one hand, it’s backlit (meaning I can read in the dark without disturbing anyone), and the font size is adjustable. Yes, the screen is small and I have to scroll a lot, but it works for me. (Photo: http://www.pdamuseum.com/sony_clie/sony_clie_peg-sj20.htm)

There are all sorts of ebook readers out there, but the reason I’m posting this is to provide the basic information and also to give you a chance to win a FREE ebook reader. Not from me, from a fellow Samhain author. The novel is “Strawberries in Winter” by Kerri Augusto and here’s her site if you want to give it your best email: http://www.kerriaugusto.com/

She’ll be loading the reader with a free copy of her book and another Samhain book of your choice, which…you know…could be MINE, if you wanted.

And don’t forget to vote at the Mavens’ CYOA today!