One of my favorite all-time science fiction romance series was the 2176 series by various authors and released from Dorchester about…10 years ago? I’ve lost count. I have not just one but two keeper copies of the whole series. It was fascinating, inventive, exciting, and revelatory as to what you could DO with science fiction romance. Today I’m pleased to share the new covers for Susan Grant’s two entries in the series, as the author has plans to re-release them in edited and updated form. I can’t wait to see the changes! Recommended reads.


About The Legend of Banzai Maguire:

The year: 2016. While flying a peacekeeping mission over North Korea, Air Force pilot Bree “Banzai” Maguire is shot down. Instead of the North Korean troops she expected, she finds herself captured by a mad scientist and put in bio-stasis. When she wakes, everything has changed. It’s 2176, the world is in crisis, and she is a hotly contested prize. Once, Banzai’s job was to protect democracy; now a mysterious voice claims she must bring it back.

The year: 2176. U.C.E. Commander Ty Armstrong is a decorated SEAL, combat veteran, and part-time treasure hunter. Seeking one elusive prize has become a personal obsession for him: Banzai Maguire, who was never found after her mysterious disappearance 160 years earlier. His quest to find her remains takes him into enemy territory where he discovers that not only is she very much alive, he might have already fallen in love with her. But before he can bring her to safety, they are captured by the charming, yet ruthless, Emperor of Asia. Ty vows to escape with Banzai at his side. But his captor has other plans for him—and for Banzai Maguire.


About The Scarlet Empress:

Shot down over North Korea, Air Force fighter pilot Cam “Scarlet” Tucker is imprisoned and put in bio-stasis. She is awakened 160 years later to learn that her wingmate and best friend also survived. Now the “legendary” Banzai Maguire, Bree is being held for treason in the country that was once the United States.

Cam has problems of her own—big problems. She’s in the masterful hands of Prince Kyber, the dictator whom her friend thwarted. He won’t get fooled again. With the mysterious Shadow Voice urging revolution, and her friend in chains, Cam wants the sexy emperor on her side—and maybe a whole lot more. But her role in the thrilling mission to save her country has to come first. Banzai wouldn’t surrender, and Cam won’t either. It’s time to give a royal butt kicking, and Cam knows just where to start.

Here is Ms. Grant’s social media information and preorder links!


Twitter: @flyerdreamer



Preorder links:






Amazon: available November 15th






Amazon: available November 15th


Kiss the Bride Rebrand!

Nothing has changed in the text of my hick lit romance about two best friends falling in love, but the outside has sure changed…


You can buy it for less than a buck and experience the delicious hijinks for yourself! All Romance Ebooks, Amazon, B&N, iTunesKobo

Not that this cover isn’t beautiful, especially with the awesome scrolly vine-leaf part, but the inside of the book are a bit more…raucous.06


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Pet the Pretty!

A while back, I received the rights back for my first published novel, a fantasy romance called A Spell for Susannah. It took me this long to get ready to do something with them, but what a something it is! Check out this pretty!


The story is based on the 12 Dancing Princesses, and if I could have put the idea in my head onto paper, it would have been a lot like this. I mean, she’s dancing sort of! And it looks like there’s magic around her and stuff.

For the prequel, a stand-alone short story about Susannah’s parents, the talented artist worked with the same background so you can tell they are connected. Pretty X2.

Wintertide600If you’re a writer looking for a good cover artist, these were done by Amanda Matthews at AM Design Studio. She’s so good that these were PREMADES.

NOW I need to get that thing re-edited and reformatted! It’s on the list. Right after take Grandma to the eyedoctor, finish the kid’s Halloween costumes, get rid of whatever this germ in plaguing me and making me sound like a throat monster, finish my WiP for the Maelstrom series (IT’S SO CLOSE), find my winter clothes (I’M ACTUALLY COLD), and… I’m sure there was more shit, but I forgot. I blame the germ.

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Cattification: Falling from the Light by Regan Summers

Step one: go admire Regan Summers’ soon to be released book in the Night Runners series, Falling from the Light.

Step two: see how we cattified and repaired this poor book. We can’t force authors to write about cats to make their stories more interesting, but we can give suggestions!



Phoenix, AZ

All Sydney Milkmouth wants is a night in the slow lane, a quiet, peaceful night where she sleeps eight whole hours without being interrupted. Not by loud noises, not from having her head pounced on, not due to needle-sharp teeth in her feet, nothing. She needs some time to decide how she’s going to handle her feline owner, Malcolm Kitty, who seems to be nocturnal. But after being woken six times last might by Malcolm’s nightly running amuck, she can’t think straight. This puts her at the mercy of the smelly yet influential Doggy Bronco who’s trying to take over her neighborhood and change all the cat people into dog people. He isn’t above blackmailing his former owner, Sydney, to get what he wants. He threatens to tell Malcolm that Sydney has — horror of horrors — been petting dogs at the local dog park on her lunch break! In fact, she actually pet Doggy Bronco the other day and asked his kind of dumb new human owners how he was doing, to which they replied, “Fine.”

With Malcolm set on viciously killing her sleep because that’s when he likes to party, Syd is forced to consider changing jobs to something with a night shift instead of her daily route with a pharmaceutical company. That is until she finds out her company is responsible for a creating drug that turns cat lovers into dog lovers who are allergic to cats. She’s unprepared and alone and very very tired, but fiercely determined. If her investigation into the drug is discovered by Doggy Bronco — and if anyone uses her to test it — her beloved Malcolm will pay the price since she’ll probably get a dog. A wrong turn throws her into the middle of a doggie butt sniffing party…and they’re leaving the stench of pooch butts on her person. Caught between Malcolm finding out about her sympathetic dog petting and her sanity due to lack of sleep, she’ll have to decide what’s more important: love of Malcolm, sleep, or making sure the canine conversion drug doesn’t hit the market. But choosing what feels right might turn out all wrong.



Meankitty & Jody W. *

Blurb/Counterblurb: Tuesday’s Jillaroo


By Darcy Flynn

Shirley Template has always hated her curly hair. Suffering snickering taunts by her golden, straight-haired siblings, enduring hushed conversations from aunts and uncles at family reunions slowly, but surely, took its hair-raising toll, until the final blow when she overheard her mother confess to her aunt that she was adopted. Oh, the years of hair straightening products and harsh chemical applications and for what? Losing all hope of ever having corn-silk tresses, Shirley sets out to find the real purpose for her corkscrew curls.

Australian Hereford Cattle Baron, Herb Ford, has had it with the incompetent young men hired to help with the annual Hereford cattle drive. The straight–haired dandies only ever thought of one thing…sheep. On the brink of losing his family station, he realizes he needs the intervention of the curly locks of a Jillaroo Hereford Cattle Whisperer! Aborigine folklore believed the only person qualified to guide the Herefords across the deserts of Australia had to come from the Jillaroo Whisperer line.

When Herb meets spunky Shirley Template and sees her adorable tightly woven curls, his heart skips a beat. Could the legend be true? Can this mesmerizing “curly locks” keep his cattle business from failing?

5 Stars – Australian Progressive Cattle Magazine “…a must read for anyone who raises Herefords.”

4 Stars – Aussy Cattle Times “You’ll love the bantering wit and the down under slang between Herb and Shirley…”

5 Stars – Raising Cattle in your Backyard “A must read for every cow lover.”




Blurb/Counterblurb: Love is a Frenzy

lovefrenzyBy Eleri Stone (

John Smith thought Lila would make an excellent companion until she stole his sonic screwdriver and broke both his hearts. Now, using only his wits, a flair for fashion, and a mysterious blue box, he chases her through time and space, desperate to stop her before she unlocks the secrets of the rare and dangerous technology.

Lila Love is a Frenzy, a feisty red-headed alien with an unrepentant love of disco and bubblegum lip gloss. Unless she finds a way to disable the doomsday device threatening the lives of her fun-loving people, her planet will be utterly destroyed. Yes, she took the screwdriver, but she left behind her favorite necklace as payment so in her eyes they’re even. Besides, her need is far greater than John’s!

The clock is ticking. Will Lila discover how to use the screwdriver before all is lost? Will John ever be able to forgive her betrayal? Why are there palm trees on her shirt? Find out more in…Love is a Frenzy.




My latest blog idea was inspired after I organized 1500 Harlequins in my Mom’s shed from when she subscribed during the 70s-80s. It was an effort of love because I love Harlequins. My first romance read was THE SHIEK’S CAPTIVE by Violet Winspear, and I can remember it better than nearly every book I’ve read as an adult outside the books I read 100x to my kids.

But after going through these books, I have to say — things have changed a bit in the romance publishing world since the 70s, haven’t they? I don’t just mean the transition from bodice rippers and sweets to today’s industry that stretches from BDSM romance to inspirationals to historicals to all the things. No, what I’m talking about are the titles and covers.

For one thing, many of the older titles just aren’t as specific as The Pregnant Virgin’s Billionaire Boss’s Baby’s Best Friend, or whatever combination the marketing department chooses to let readers know, “This is the trope you’re looking for.”

For another thing, there just weren’t a lot of headless, naked tattooed people on older covers. By “a lot” I mean “any”.

Anyway, I decided it would be hilarious fun (for me) to challenge some of today’s romance authors and readers to blurb some of these less trope-specific covers and titles. What does the author, without peeking on Goodreads, think is on the back of that book?

Some of their answers may surprise you.

If you, too, would like to participate, just email me!

Jody Wallace

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Cover and Blurb — DISCIPLE!

I have been remiss, reader friends, in sharing my beautiful cover art for DISCIPLE, book 2 of the DreamWalkers series. Check this out!


Conquer your inner demons…before they break free.

When student dreamwalker Maggie Mackey was first discovered by Zeke Garrett, now her mentor, their sexual attraction blazed off the charts, as did their tangible dreamspace bond.

Three months later, their relationship is as stalled out as Maggie’s training. Zeke isn’t sure what’s to blame. His clumsy mentoring, Maggie’s stubbornness, or something more sinister.

When the pair is summoned to a restricted outpost for troubled and sick dreamwalkers to investigate the deaths of several patients, a nightmare from Zeke’s past resurfaces to further complicate Maggie’s training. In fact, there’s a better-than-good chance she’ll be yanked away from him and reassigned to a curator. Disciples sent to curators are rarely heard from again.

To survive the secretive inner workings of their organization and the deadly new force emerging inside the sphere, Maggie and Zeke must confront their inner demons as well as their feelings for each other. Because in the world of the dreamwalkers, inner demons never remain politely inside one’s tortured soul. They prefer to manifest…and eat people.

Warning: Book contains sex, cursing, more cursing, T-Rexes, dire peril and explosives.


What kind of crocheted earrings do you guys think would be appropriate once I start doing promo and giveaways for this? Dream catchers, maybe? I am not sure if I can crochet a T-Rex small enough to dangle from an ear…


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Cattification: Ravensblood by Shawna Reppert

The book Ravensblood by Shawna Reppert was released in December 2013. It’s about humans who like ravens. Now, I don’t think the eat the ravens, which was kind of a disappointment to discover, because ravens seem like they might be pretty meaty. Thus we have undertaken the project of making this book more tempting to readers and cats with a little cattification action.
As always, with our cattifications, we urge you to inspect the original before savoring the delights of the claw job we have done on this author’s cover and blurb…

In a life of limited food choices when sometimes dry kibble is the best you can get, can a dark house cat oust the neighborhood dog and save the world?

Catwyn Ravenscoffed. (Likes: eating, string, sometimes eating string, and catnip. Hates: dogs, being wet, not getting to go outside) The last heir of an ancient pride of dark cats, he holds the secret to recreating the Ravensbreast, a legendary magical recipe of immense deliciousness.

Hissandra Greensfur (Likes: yowling at the moon, hunting mice, taunting indoor cats. Hates: dogs, being wet, having to live inside) is a Guardian of the Yard. Magical law enforcement for the elected feline council—and Catwyn’s former housemate and lover. She is trying to live down her embarrassing past of being a housecat. And then her past comes to the yard, asking for her to move back indoors.

As a youth, Catwyn wanted to be a Guardian of the Yard but was rejected because of his declawed status and allergy to flea medication, necessitating his being kept indoors at all times. In his pride and his anger, he had turned to Willhound, the darkest and most powerful dog mage of their neighborhood. Willhound wants a return to the old ways, where the most powerful dog was ruler absolute—even over cats! And certainly over the best bits of tuna and meat. But Willhound would not be a halfway-decent dog from the fairy tales where dogs and cats got along. He would reign in barking and fleas and eating all the best stuff, but also carrion, which he would roll in and bring home on his fur, and that’s totally gross.

Catwyn discovers that he does have a conscience—and a longing to keep the tuna for himself. It’s rather inconvenient, since he knows that damned hog Willhound is not going to share. He becomes a spy for the cat council that Willhound wants to overthrow, with Guardian of the Yard Hissandra as his contact.

Their secret meetings through the glass back door must be kept secret from the beastly Willound. Hiss and Catwyn form a plan to trap the drooling dog outside his warded back yard that has one of those invisible shock fences…never to return. Then they can get down to the business of catching a raven and delicately poaching it for magical good tastes.

But Willhound is one step ahead of the cats, with Catwyn’s life, his tuna, and the secret recipe of Ravensbreast all in danger.


Meankitty & the Human Who Types *

Cattification of Ten Days by Olivia Mayfield

In a spurt of industriousness, the human thought it would be fun to participate in a big BOOK COVER reveal for an SF-YA romance called “Ten Days” by Olivia Mayfield. I agreed to let the human do this, but only if it was properly CATTIFIED. So feast your eyes on…


Ten Dogs by Olivia Mayfield (
Publication date: May 2013

Seventeen-month-old Catty isn’t like the others. In her society, the Tuna Machine caters to every kitty whim, ensuring cats don’t have to leave their snuggle boxes. Not even for a scratch and a crazed run from room to room for no reason. Or barking at birds from the window. Or climbing to a high place and threatening to jump on people.

But Catty and her best friend Mouser find themselves drawn to how things used to be, when cats lived on the surface of the earth and subjugated humans to their will, instead of this technology. When heavy petting and ear lickings weren’t uncivilized, and love was normal, acceptable, cuddled. Catty tries to purr over her increasing dissatisfaction with the “rules,” as well as her rapidly developing feelings for Mouser, a task getting harder each day.

Then, things start going downhill, fast. Tuna and treats are spoiled. Air grows musty and smells of other animals. The kitty population panics about the dysfunction–is it canine sabotage? Anarchy? But Catty and Mouser discover the truth: The Tuna Machine, the answer to all feline problems for longer than anyone can remember, was built by a team of DOGS. Naturally it is now breaking down. Now, these two sly, young cats have to risk it all to save themselves and the kitties they care about…before their entire world goes to the dogs, who have been slavering at the gates of kitty box paradise for years.

Ten Dogs proves once and for all—cats love to hide in boxes, but they love their freedom better.

Find out more about the actual book and its actual, much less poorly warped cover at Goodreads:



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