Peenvengers: Triumphant Return

The Peenvengers have eradicated the scourge that is Justin Beaver and are prepared to accept the city’s adulation.

Peenvengers comic strip

Uh-oh. Could the tide of public opinion be turning against the Peenvengers even though they saved poor Rocky from a fate worse than death? Probably? And they definitely didn’t kidnap him first, although what WAS he doing at their secret clubhouse? But never mind that, what will happen next?

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What Bloggers and Readers Can Do To Help…Cats?

shrimpsnackHi, Meankitty here. I’ve heard that bloggers and readers are looking for more ways to help authors for free, unpaid street team labor of sorts. I know it’s your dream. So I’ve compiled a helpful list! If you want to help my author (or other authors, I guess, as long as they have¬†cats), here is what you should do.

1) Get a cat. Having a cat will increase your intelligence. If you already have a cat, get another cat. Being more intelligent will mean that you have better taste in books and read faster, maybe, so you can read more. Reading is good — means you’re sitting down and a cat can be in your lap. If she wants to.

2) Feed your cat the best food. Tuna, steamed chicken, select cuts of prime rib — none of that crappy dry stuff! If your cats are happy and well fed, it means you will be happier. Being happier means you have better taste in books etc etc sitting down etc etc petting!

0606writhe13) Build your cat a play yard. Some call it a catio. It should be large, safe, and full of climbing toys, sunspots, comfy perches, mucho grass, and lots of birds. I do understand that not all cats get to go outside, so the catio safe-yard is a must.

4) Pet your cat as much as she wants to be petted. Supposedly this helps your blood pressure or something, I don’t know, but the cat will like it and that’s what’s important.

5) Let your cat eat off your plate if she wants to. What are you having? Make sure there’s a meat and something with lots of butter. Is that not healthy for you? That’s okay, it’s just for the cat. You can eat the broccoli.

6) Make sure your furniture is expensive and satisfying to use as a scratching post. Cheap, hard-to-claw furniture will NOT keep your menagerie of cats happy! They need their claws to be sharp in case they need to defend the household against encroachment or maybe just bat around a half-dead mouse. Don’t worry about what people who come to your house will think. They don’t matter; only the cats matter.

mkmodelnile7) Have lots of cat pans and clean them twice a day! Your cats shouldn’t have to wander all over the house in search of a nice place to relieve themselves! That’s just not humane. I hear that one cat pan per cat is a good idea. Whenever your cat uses the facilities, politely wait until they are done and then clean it. That might be more than twice a day, but you aren’t doing anything else, are you? Well, I guess you can read my author’s books while you wait to clean the cat boxes.

8) What was this list supposed to be about again? Why cats are awesome? It wasn’t? Well, let me assure you, cats are awesome. Have a nice, catty day!


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In Which I Have Great Responsibility…

Well, great spurts anyway! A huge series review on RT Magazine blog today for the Mari Shu WTF books. Check it out!

And feel free to leave a comment so I’m not the only person who commented on an article about myself. Heh.

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Things You Ought Not Do

Do you ever want to do something and you know you shouldn’t, because you tend to get carried away and besides it’s not very appropriate, and other, similar projects that you’ve jumped into haven’t really produced fruit or worldwide fame, but you really want to do this project?


penisremoteI’m starting a new project. It’s a Tumblr that will feature Mr. Pinky, the crocheted peen, and his buddies. I’ll need guest photographers, so feel free to send in an application! Guest photographers will receive (1) free crocheted peen in exchange for providing photos for the blog, sometimes with certain specifications. There’s only so many photos I personally can take! Besides, I know you want your own peen.

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