Welcome to Tarakona!

Welcome to Tarakona, a planet where dragons are full of magic that only wizards can use. Hidden deep in a catacomb beneath Valiant City, Tarakona hosts a dimensional portal that connects to Earth, near the wild, wonderful city of Magic, New Mexico, a shared world helmed by author SE Smith.

The Dragons of Tarakona is a still-growing miniseries by authors Jody Wallace and DB Sieders. Each book is lovingly crafted by one of the authors while the other one sends constant emails and texts like ‘is it done yet’ and ‘don’t forget to put that thing about the thing’ and ‘is it done yet can i read it?’ So far in the series we have: Silver Bound, Silver Unleashed, Red at Night, Red in the Morning, Gold Rush & Gold Fever. See our theme yet? 🙂 Click the cover for more info.

silver bound cover

silver unleashed cover

red at night cover

red in the morning cover





FAQs about Dragons of Tarakona!

Q1) When will you be done with the gold dragon books?

A1) The golds will be available for sale October 30, 2018

Q2) What color is next?

A2) Dunno.