Heat in SECRETS 22“Heat”
by Ellie Marvel
in Secrets 22: Dark Whispers
Release date: Dec 2007
Paperback ISBN: 9781603100021
Length: Novella (37K)
Rating: R/NC-17
From: Red Sage Publishing
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What’s a mild-mannered alien guy to do when he goes into heat far from his home–and women of his species–and the only compatible female around is a rough and tumble Terran mining specialist who’s a friend of his but, well, not exactly one to hop into bed with anybody, much less him? Answer: he courts her. The old fashioned Terran way, at least insofar as his research about the backwater planet can determine. Because if he can’t seduce the tomboyish Sarai before his cycle ends, he won’t get a second chance at love.

Find out of Sarai responds to that age-old pick-up line, “If you don’t have sex with me, my weenie will fall off!” (Okay, he doesn’t say that, but it’s funny to think about.)

***** An Excerpt from HEAT *****

[Author’s Note: In the future society I imagined here, chocolate is an expensive, rare commodity, and our hero has gotten his hands on some brownies in order to please our heroine.]

This close to Tarkin, hugging him in my excitement, I was reminded that he was taller than I was, lean, but strong, with solid shoulders and trim waist. His species grew no facial hair other than eyelashes and eyebrows. Our bodies didn’t mash together, but there was something about the splay of his fingers on my lower back that unnerved me. Something almost possessive.

“Uh, Tarkin?”

His eyes opened completely, the pupils dilated almost as wide as the irises.

“Yes?” His breath feathered across my lips. Did I imagine it was chocolate tinged breath, or was that just the brownie in the air?

And either way…why was Tark so worried about pleasing me? He was always gracious, but not to the extent of procuring real chocolate. It wasn’t my birthday, and I’d hardly been promoted with the kitium temporing issues I’d been having.

I dragged myself away and used the vestiges of my willpower not to kiss him senseless. First I went bunko over brownies, and now this. My God, he’d never speak to me again! “You said you wanted to talk to me about something.”

“One moment.” He disappeared into his kitchenette again and emerged with something dark brown and crumbly in his hand. “For you.”

It was a brownie. An honest to goodness brownie that looked a whole lot like the ones my granmater made for special occasions. Most thoughts of kissing fled my brain to be replaced by the thoughts of chocolate. Chewy, moist, mouthwatering chocolate.

His breath had definitely smelled of chocolate.

I held out my hand, and he shook his head. “Open your mouth.”

© 2007 Jody Wallace