Birthday in SECRETS 17“Birthday”
by Ellie Marvel
in Secrets 17: Erotic Nights
ISBN paperback: 9780975451670
ISBN ebook: 9781603100762
Release date: Dec 2006
Length: Novella (30K)
Rating: R/NC-17
From: Red Sage Publishing
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Jasmine Templeton decides on her thirty-third birthday she’s been celibate long enough. Will a wild night at a hot new club with her two best friends ease the ache inside her or just make it worse? Well, considering one of those best friends is Charlie and she’s been having strange notions about their relationship of late…

It’s definitely a birthday neither she nor Charlie will ever forget.

***** Excerpt from BIRTHDAY *****

Chapter 1

“I’ve been celibate long enough. I’m getting laid for my birthday if I have to hire somebody to do it.” Jasmine Templeton zipped her patent leather black boots with a decisive yank. To complete her outfit, she had on a short, tight red dress, a mega push-up bra, and the world’s tiniest underpants.

Definitely an outfit to get noticed in. Jaz hoped it got her more than noticed.  

Mr. Sensible, otherwise known as Charlie, tipped up his beer and drained it instead of commenting, but Shae, otherwise known as Crazy Wench, laughed and said, “It won’t come to that. All you have to do is venture into the Pit and ten different guys will jock you in as many minutes. If you dance with me, you’ll get twice as many offers.” She blew Jaz a big wet kiss.

Charlie rinsed his empty and set it upside down in his dish drainer. He opened the fridge and grabbed another beer, his second, which Jaz knew from experience would be his last. “This is a dumb idea. It’s not safe to pick up guys in bars.”

Jaz tried not to think about the fact he was right. She twisted up her light brown hair and angled her face sideways in the mirror next to Charlie’s front door. Should she wear her hair in a scrunch or leave it down? She hadn’t danced until dawn since she was in her mid-twenties, and she’d had short hair then. “Don’t be so uptight, Chuck. It’s not every day a girl turns thirty-three.”

(c) 2006 Jody Wallace