As Jody Wallace (JW), I write in several subgenres of romance. As Ellie Marvel (EM), I wrote a few hotter romance (ages 18+), though I phased that penname out. Most of what I write is at least a little funny. According to me, anyway. Romance genres I’ve dabbled in include Paranormal, SF-Romance & Contemporary. I also have written straight up SF/F; WTF (aka what in the world is this??); and YA.

If you prefer to see books by SERIES, I’ve got a page for that, though many of my books are standalones. I’m old-fashioned that way.

Newest Releases
the cover of prodigal by jody wallace ASpellforSusannah600
Coming Soon
panther queen Lots and lots and lots and lots and…  lots and lots of reissues from books I got the rights back to in 2016-2017.
Available Now: SF Romance
the cover of prodigal by jody wallace TRAITOR_500 Angeli by Jody Wallace
Paranormal & Fantasy Romance
Cooley's Panther Stalking Evan Welcome to Dunvegas
Witch Interrupted by Jody Wallace pack and coven
Pixie's tale tinytreats
Contemporary Romance
Stripogram by Jody Wallace Behind the Mask Final tinytreats2
SF / Fantasy
A Mage by Any Other Name Field Trip The Whole Truth
Mari Shu
Whatsoever He Might Kind of Want or Desire    
Young Adult