That’s what TFS gets…

Sam Speaking:
Our TFS left us with GOTC for three whole days. She got home last night and boy, were we ready. Gray and I tore around under her feet while she was making multiple trips in from the car. Then, we proceeded to help her unpack by digging into any open bag or suitcase. I pushed her open pocketbook off the kitchen table and dumped everything into the floor. I found a parking ticket in there TFS needs to pay by this week or else her fee increases, so I chewed it up. Ha!! Nala wasn’t much help with the ransacking, but she had added her own special “spice” earlier in the day by barfing in the bedroom floor for TFS to step in after she had taken her shoes off — so she only had socks on. Nothing squishes like kitty vomit underfoot.

Sewing For Cats

When Typing Slave was lolling on the ground (free game!) doing tempting, taunting stuff with fabric, crinkly paper, pins and scissors today, I did my best to help. Make that interfere. Eventually TS gave up and went away, muttering something about cutting off the end of my paw if she weren’t careful. Now nobody’s around to see what I do to the sewing kit. Threaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Yum yum!