Meankitty Wants to Know: Jason Crutchfield

Today we have author Jason Crutchfield whose contribution to the Magic, New Mexico, world may or may not be up to my standard. Let’s find out.

1) So you’ve written a book set in SE Smith’s wacky world of Magic, New Mexico. How many cats are in it?

Alas, no cats make an appearance in Miss Fortune!


2) If there are no cats in it, please explain how cats would probably have made the book better (hint: they definitely would have made the book better). If there are cats how would MORE cats have made the book EVEN BETTER?

Throughout history, cats have taken roles ranging from worshiped deities to pagan familiars! Cats can add a wonderful sense of mysticism to any written work! Forgive me for not including one, mean kitty! You see, my book is about a man dealing with his misfortune and the supernatural woman that turns his luck around. I was just resisting the urge to reinforce the negative stereotype about black cats being bad luck! Honest!

3) Are there cats in any of your other books?

I have two other series, mean kitty. One of them is called NANO. It’s a finished series, and it’s set in a post-apocalyptic world. There are no animals at all. Not even cats! What a terrible world, indeed! My other series, an Urban Fantasy series called Cloud IX, is two books in! So far, no cats, but that’s not to say there won’t be any in the future!


4) How about books by other authors with cats? Got any favorites?

Harry Potter stands out to me. I’ve only read the first book in the series, but the shapeshifting/animagus Ms. McGonagall is a favorite of mine, although Mrs. Norris was quite funny!

5) If you personally could shift into a cat, please tell us how you would utilize this power?

I think I would use the power to vacation from human life. We have a tendency to get too swept up in this fake world we’ve built on top of the real one, and we often forget about the wonderful simplicity of the natural world. I’d love to be able to shift into a cat and get away from it all without earning the attention of people who might consider me crazy for wanting to sleep in a tree!

I have two cats, myself! Hippo (the brown cat rolling around!) and Loulou (the gray cat sitting by watching!) I’ve attached a photo of them as well as a photo of the Miss Fortune cover!

MK: I guess, since he’s owned by two cats, this writer human whose books aren’t as good as they would be with cats can get another zero instead of a negative number. What is wrong with you humans? Don’t you want TONS OF SALES AND FAME? Why aren’t you putting more cats in these books?