Meankitty Wants to Know: Aidy Award

Next up in my list of participants is Aidy Award who writes about human ladies who sound like they’d have the PERFECT laps to curl up in.

1) So you’ve written a book set in SE Smith’s wacky world of Magic, New Mexico. How many cats are in it?

Well, there aren’t any cats in A Touch of Fate. My curvy geek-girl witch heroine does have a familiar, but he’s a hedgehog.

Oh, wait. My lion shifter, Fed, makes a couple of brief appearances in this book. Lions count, right?


2) If there are no cats in it, please explain how cats would probably have made the book better (hint: they definitely would have made the book better). If there are cats how would MORE cats have made the book EVEN BETTER?

Yeah, Kady the witch, probably should have had a whole tiny-house full of cats. My bad. I’ll make sure Fed’s heroine has lots and lots of cats.

3) Are there cats in any of your other books?

Yes! In my book Curvy Persuasion, my heroine has a cat named Slut-slut, who reminds me a little of you, Mean Kitty. She’s a very demanding cat, chastising the heroine who is a writer for not getting her books written. Slut-slut is is based on a cat we had who had about a million surprise kittens, thus the name.


All your books R belong to Uno.

4) How about books by other authors with cats? Got any favorites?

I’m a fan of Kitten’s First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes. It’s a very sweet children’s story that reminded me of my own kitten Uno, the naughty who loves to run around in the night, but always comes home to me.

5) If you personally could shift into a cat, please tell us how you would utilize this power?

Oh, if I could shift into a cat, I would use the power of naps! I love naps, and am often jealous of my cute (but naughty) sleeping kitties.

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  1. Fun interview! And a HUGE congratulations to Aidy and her book, A Touch of Fate. An Amazon Best-seller! I have this book loaded on my Kindle and can’t wait to read it. 😀

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