5 Days of Terrible Freedom

For the next five days (today is April 21) my entire Mari Shu series is free on Amazon to celebrate my escape from the Kindle Unlimited program when I forgot to cancel out the automatic renewal! After that it will go wide.

But you’re going to get it now, right, for FREE?


Earthbound Passion: The first volume in the series focuses on what happens if Mari Shu’s choices lead her and her sisters to remain on Olde Olde Olde Olde Olde Earth while she supports them as a sexxorer.

Martian Conquest: Volume two finds Mari Shu and her sweet innocent siblings venturing to Mars to find jobs and a better life, even though it appears some people there have…illegal cybermech appendages.

MariShu3_Far_Galaxies_100Far Galaxies: The third and most insane of the Mari Shu volumes sends Mari Shu, Cassie and Trish into the beyond on a huge sleep-pod ship destined for New Terra, the pilgrims in Olde Earth’s attempt to populate the entire galaxy! What adventures await them at the end of the line–and in between?


The Whole TruthI also made The Whole Truth free. It’s not a spoof, it’s a snarky urban fantasy-lite style book about a twenty-something who can see lies and has mostly used that secret skill to get good deals…until the men in black find her.

I think it’s actually a pretty darn good yarn. The Mari Shu books, on the other hand, really need some highly offended reviews on Amazon, people saying these are the nastiest, weirdest, most offensive things they’ve ever read. I feel like that’s a great way to spur sales! I’ll even send you a fill in the blank Mad Libs style review form if you want to post a review but don’t really want to write one :).

No, seriously, Meankitty does Bad Libs and now you can, too.

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