Is This My New Blurb?

ASpellforSusannah600You tell me:

Twelve bored royal daughters in a kingdom where the nobility has been cursed to bear no male children. One sly detective who’s been tasked to find out where the ladies disappear to at night. What’s a princess to do?

If you’re Princess Susannah, the eldest of the twelve princesses, you research inheritance laws and curse-breaking magic until you develop the ability to work magic yourself. You might use that magic to accidentally discover an enchanted land beneath your palace where hundreds of amnesiac princes dance and cavort all night long.

If you’re the King and Queen, you hire a professional to find out how your daughters are ruining their dancing shoes on a regular basis, despite all the measures you’ve taken to keep them safe and sound. And for that delicate job, you choose the handsome detective who instantly gets under your eldest daughter’s skin.

But enchantments won’t fix the Middle Kingdoms’ patriarchal laws, and the fairies won’t be pleased if they discover a mere mortal has learned to cast spells.

No, seriously. Is that a good blurb??

Jody Wallace
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