How To Increase Your Wordcount

Authors these days face an ever-morphing publishing industry with ever-morphing pressure to write faster, faster, faster. I’ve never been a fast writer, but I have contracts and deadlines now that I must meet.

Here’s what I’ve done. Every day in the car ride pickup line, I type for 30 minutes on an old netbook computer. I can’t see the screen because it’s too bright in the car, despite the fact I pop open an umbrella and set it in my window to block the blazing hot sun. So instead of worrying about what I’m typing, I just…wank away. I end up getting a lot of really poorly spelled gibberish.

But hey! I’m getting like 2000 words a day!

Of crazytown.


Sorry, editors…

Jody Wallace
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One thought on “How To Increase Your Wordcount”

  1. I’m past the long-pickup-line days and the dance-class-waiting-room days and the soccer-practice days, so I don’t have to do that wedging anymore. (Bonus!) But yesterday, when I went to get my car inspected and they didn’t have my twice-confirmed appointment on the books, I went to Starbucks and wrote over 2k. I haven’t checked my typos yet. 🙂

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