Honey, There’s a Corpse in the Car

Recently the Wallaces have changed our lives. We bought a new house so my mom and her 4 cats could join The House Of Meankitty. We’ll be traveling to Mom’s actual house frequently, but we’ll spend school weeks here.

Anyway, Mom’s house is in a rural area. Because she hasn’t been driving as much, her car kind of just sat in the driveway, providing a home for field mice, bugs and other critters. They lived…and died…in the perfectly nice car, which then developed a horrible odor that had to be smelled to be described.

We’ve been struggling to deal with the car odor for months. My brother found one dead mouse in a vent, but the odor remained. Now that we’re back in “the big house” due to school starting, we found a car detailing company to come to our house and save us from the smell.

So the car guy is here today trying to find and repeal the source of the horrible carrion odor in my mom’s vehicle. We’re all convinced there just HAVE to be more corpses than just the one, due to the smell. God, the smell! Right now, as I’m typing, I’m making a horrible face just thinking about it.

I had to drive Mom and one of the kids up to the big house in that car — about a 2 hour trip — and the smell worked its way into my pores and I took 3 showers and…

But I don’t want to relive that. The car guy hasn’t found any more corpses in the car. I’m shockingly sad about that. It would have made me feel more confident that the smell was going to disappear.

In other news, did you hear I released a new book yesterday? 🙂 It has a few corpses in it, too. Bad guy corpses.

Moreover, the particular worldbuilding in this science fiction series has established that when daemons (flying red bat monsters) are killed, they smell incredibly bad, which is how you know they’re actually dead. I now know they smell like dead mice shut in a hot car.

Here is a picture of a random cat to make this post prettier and less smelly.


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