Cattification: Falling from the Light by Regan Summers

Step one: go admire Regan Summers’ soon to be released book in the Night Runners series, Falling from the Light.

Step two: see how we cattified and repaired this poor book. We can’t force authors to write about cats to make their stories more interesting, but we can give suggestions!



Phoenix, AZ

All Sydney Milkmouth wants is a night in the slow lane, a quiet, peaceful night where she sleeps eight whole hours without being interrupted. Not by loud noises, not from having her head pounced on, not due to needle-sharp teeth in her feet, nothing. She needs some time to decide how she’s going to handle her feline owner, Malcolm Kitty, who seems to be nocturnal. But after being woken six times last might by Malcolm’s nightly running amuck, she can’t think straight. This puts her at the mercy of the smelly yet influential Doggy Bronco who’s trying to take over her neighborhood and change all the cat people into dog people. He isn’t above blackmailing his former owner, Sydney, to get what he wants. He threatens to tell Malcolm that Sydney has — horror of horrors — been petting dogs at the local dog park on her lunch break! In fact, she actually pet Doggy Bronco the other day and asked his kind of dumb new human owners how he was doing, to which they replied, “Fine.”

With Malcolm set on viciously killing her sleep because that’s when he likes to party, Syd is forced to consider changing jobs to something with a night shift instead of her daily route with a pharmaceutical company. That is until she finds out her company is responsible for a creating drug that turns cat lovers into dog lovers who are allergic to cats. She’s unprepared and alone and very very tired, but fiercely determined. If her investigation into the drug is discovered by Doggy Bronco — and if anyone uses her to test it — her beloved Malcolm will pay the price since she’ll probably get a dog. A wrong turn throws her into the middle of a doggie butt sniffing party…and they’re leaving the stench of pooch butts on her person. Caught between Malcolm finding out about her sympathetic dog petting and her sanity due to lack of sleep, she’ll have to decide what’s more important: love of Malcolm, sleep, or making sure the canine conversion drug doesn’t hit the market. But choosing what feels right might turn out all wrong.



Meankitty & Jody W. *