Blurb/Counterblurb: Tuesday’s Jillaroo


By Darcy Flynn

Shirley Template has always hated her curly hair. Suffering snickering taunts by her golden, straight-haired siblings, enduring hushed conversations from aunts and uncles at family reunions slowly, but surely, took its hair-raising toll, until the final blow when she overheard her mother confess to her aunt that she was adopted. Oh, the years of hair straightening products and harsh chemical applications and for what? Losing all hope of ever having corn-silk tresses, Shirley sets out to find the real purpose for her corkscrew curls.

Australian Hereford Cattle Baron, Herb Ford, has had it with the incompetent young men hired to help with the annual Hereford cattle drive. The straight–haired dandies only ever thought of one thing…sheep. On the brink of losing his family station, he realizes he needs the intervention of the curly locks of a Jillaroo Hereford Cattle Whisperer! Aborigine folklore believed the only person qualified to guide the Herefords across the deserts of Australia had to come from the Jillaroo Whisperer line.

When Herb meets spunky Shirley Template and sees her adorable tightly woven curls, his heart skips a beat. Could the legend be true? Can this mesmerizing “curly locks” keep his cattle business from failing?

5 Stars – Australian Progressive Cattle Magazine “…a must read for anyone who raises Herefords.”

4 Stars – Aussy Cattle Times “You’ll love the bantering wit and the down under slang between Herb and Shirley…”

5 Stars – Raising Cattle in your Backyard “A must read for every cow lover.”




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