Cover Reveal: Adventures of Mari Shu Volume 1!

As I speed toward publication in OCTOBER — I swear I’m making this happen in OCTOBER! — my cover designer, who has asked to be anonymous, has been busily dealing with my whinging and, quite frankly, a very difficult sub sub sub genre to depict. I’m happy to share with you today the first cover for the Adventures of Mari Shu: Earthbound Passion!

Mari Shu 9-14 Black  Red Stars

Because it’s a spoof, we’re opting for lighter colors instead of the more common dark covers that seem to dominate the Amazon Top 100 genre lists which I pored over as we designed this. Look at the graphic I made below! RESEARCH.


There are a few lighter colored ones or ones with touches of pink that seemed to be more contemporary romance or have comical / light elements. And I know that cartoon covers, while presumably appropriate for a spoof, might not be appropriate for a VERY RAUNCHY, INAPPROPRIATE-IN-GENERAL spoof. So we couldn’t do THAT.

And I knew it had to look good as a teeny thumbnail, so I couldn’t add my satirical author ego trip, which would have said, right above my name, “Another work of perverse genius by best-selling* author”

And the *, below my name, said “in her household”.

But it didn’t translate to the thumbnail well!

Anyhoo. We’re getting close to finishing #2.

Jody Wallace

Author, Cat Person, Amigurumist of the Apocalypse *