Blurb/Counterblurb: The Cruel Flame

cruelflameBy Petra Grayson (

She’s done everything she can to hide the secret that she is the nephew’s, girlfriend’s, sister’s former roommate to the missing Princess Anastasia and her jewelry is a cheap knockoff, but the red sun is an omen that her days are numbered. When her new hair stylist dyes her hair the same color as the sky, she knows it’s time to confess her sins, but then she meets the man of her dreams.

For his part, Dimitri Karmikova is trying to turn over a new leaf: settle down, start a family and enjoy his middle part. But as a former international thief, finding a girl who can understand the need for treasures to compensate for his lack of virility has been a crushing burden. He falls fast and hard for Alexandra and her extravagant jewelry. But when she finds evidence that he’s been spanking his teeny monkey in his car, she suspects the cruelty of love misplaced and feels guilty for allowing Dimitri into the inner sanctum of her decolletage. She flees to the sanctuary of her family’s basilica before he can uncover her dark secret.

When Dimitri comes after her, all bets are off. He’s ready to fight for her love, and the only way to do that is to prove once and for all that he’s capable of orgasming when she wears gold-plated costume jewelry. He’s not some culture snob who can only get it up for pure gold, even if he’s never managed it before.

It would be his biggest heist yet, but it’s the only way to satisfy…the cruel flame.