Blurb/Counterblurb: Don’t Walk Alone

Don't Walk AloneBy Nicole Luiken (

Librarian Jane Friday is contented with her life. She has a nice apartment, a good job and a cat [okay, I’m throwing in a sop to Mean Kitty]. But when she begins to get threatening phone calls and someone stalks her from the shadows, she begins to realize how lonely she is.

When the police pooh-pooh her worries, she turns to city councilman Marcus Richland for help. His fierce protective instinct aroused, Marcus insists that she move into his mansion. When gossipmongers threaten Jane’s job, they announce an engagement. One that will end once the stalker is caught. But by then Jane fears very much that her heart will by forever snared by the handsome councilman. How will she be able to go back to her lonely apartment?


Life ahead for Joanna seemed predictable. She would marry Gareth Armstrong as soon as Gareth had the approval of his redoubtable parents. Then Cameron Blackford, the famous archaeologist arrived on a dig, and turned Joanna’s heart-not to mention the local abbey-upside down.


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