Blurb/Counterblurb: Deep Furrows

deep furrows

By Kimberly Nash (

Gabriella de Vere was worried – and it was starting to show. Living in her peaceful village, under the shadow of the church steeple, her life was supposed to be quiet, undisturbed. So why was she so unsettled?

Could it be that time had passed her by? That the happy, flippy haircut she’d had since she was fifteen was…passé? No, it couldn’t be…even if her greying roots hinted otherwise. So what was she to do?

Enter Jasper van der Dong. The glamourous celebrity hairstylist to the stars cruelly forced her to face the truth – and to get rid of her outdated mock turtlenecks. But could he erase the deep furrows from her brow…with bangs?



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