Blurb/Counterblurb: Come Next Spring

Come the SpringBy Petra Grayson (

The wedding was set, the bride and groom were happy to contemplatively stare into the mid-distance, but secrets abound in the forest of their love. Farrah may thinks she’s hiding her budding artistic talent, but we all know there’s more going on than just painting on the prairie. Come next spring, Farrah will need to explain more than just her dirty fingernails.

She was supposed to be saving herself for the wedding day, because that’s the kind of innocent girl she is, but a chance encounter with the neighbor’s sacred bull (see the halo?) leaves her reeling and longing for more. If only she could have convinced him to use the other hole, there wouldn’t be any need for explanations. Even so, she will paint everyday if it means more time with her first lover, Angus.

When Ryan discovers her secret, will he be able to keep his cool facade? Will running away to the forest help or will Angus find a way to get his love back? Can Ryan share? What is that strange moo’ing from the cradle? Will Farrah find peace in her painting and with her stoically less-well-hung husband or will she be mounted for all time? All this and more in the exciting tale of “Come Next Spring”.


Could she possibly make Luke forget?

Debra Seton hadn’t expected to find the man of her dreams in the interior of British Columbia. But Luke Watson–a handsome, widowed rancher and son of her mother’s best friend–presented a challenge.

Though neighbor Stella Trent was obviously in the running, her real rival, Debra believed, was Luke’s dead wife, Rosena. When she learned the truth about that brief marriage, however, Debra knew that only Luke could remove the dangerous threat to their future happiness…