Beta Testers Get Peens!

Now that I’m closer to the publication of the first volumes of the Interactive Adventures of Mari Shu (Earthbound Passion, Martian Conquest), I’m in need of a few hardy beta reader tester types. The novella-length volumes are organized with clickable links at the end of each segment where readers pick a plot path, like the old choose your own adventure game books. I’m hopeful that my ebook formatting is functional and my typos are limited, but I’d love to get some second opinions!

I will crochet one of these for willing victims, if desired:


Folks unimpressed by Mr. Pinkie can make other requests.

Contact me about participating! I have 8 volumes currently planned in the series, but you can earn a peen by beta reading just one. Which is not to say that each testing of each subsequent volume will earn you another peen, but we’ll discuss payment if anyone actually agrees to read more, heh.

Note: Peens can be made to various specifications.

Jody W.