Scary Writing Samples: To Gamble on Love

A Writing Workshop Writing Sample (Right!?!)

(NOTE: Scary Writing Samples is a series of excerpts created by me and others for use in writing workshops. I needed excerpts that weren’t by “real people” so participants would feel free to say what they really thought. If you wish to use any of these as a sample in a writing workshop or other creative endeavor, please contact me first! This one in particular was for training contest judges.)

Life was a dice roll, and then you crapped out.

Raela lined black cole pencil around her eyes in the mirror with round bulb lights around it, and leaned back to see how it looked. It made her big sparkling blue eyes look like a Siamese cat with the black pencil in points to either side.

Beside her, Bubbles stuffed her silicon-enhanced breasts into a red teddy and painted glitter in her cleavage. She wanted to get men to look at her chest and glitter attracted the eyes. It was an old trick she had told Raela. Raela might be an exotic dancer but she would never turn to surgical enhancements to change her long, volupus body with naturally full breasts. No her employment at the men’s Club was only temporary, until she got enough money to pay for Josh’s Medical bills.

If only Josh’s father had been around to help out with her beloved son but, no, she’d sent him a letter when she found out she was pregnant after she went back to college and he never answered. The bastard had loved her and left her after one amazing summer, one amazing series of hot days and even hotter nights. She’d been fresh out of her freshman year at State College and waiting tables at a bar and he’d swept her off her feet like an old broom.

She should of known it was too good to be true. She should of known he would just leave because she was nobody, Raela Sanders from the wrong side of the tracks while he was one of town’s high society. He was too good to have anything to do with her and her baby so she decided to raise Joshua on her own.

Raela had loved Chase, Josh’s father so much but if he could do that to her he didn’t deserve to know anything about his wonderful child. She quit college and moved to Las Vegas to get a dancing job, she’d always been naturally graceful and a good dancer and it didn’t require a degree. She wasn’t able to finish her English studies because of the baby, but she was working towards her degree here, little by little. One day she’d be respectable and show the world.

But tonight there was a bachelor party in the champagne room, her, Bubbles and Susie were going to entertain the party animals. She wondered who the guy was that wasn’t scared to commit to a future with a woman and get married. He must not be anything like Chase who had left her pregnant and destitute. She knew in her heart of hearts Chase Garrison-Smythe would never get married and his older brother Peter would carry on the family name while he ran the family business. He had no idea that he even had a family, already, one he just didn’t want.

Raela hated the private parties. The alcohol crazed partiers competed to see who could get the most outrageous. The guys technically weren’t allowed to touch the dancers, not even for a lot of money, but other girls let them to get better tips.

Not Raela. Only one man had ever touched her and she’d keep it that way forever.

# # #

Chase straightened the collar of his monkey suit. He wished he’d never agreed to fly with his old college buds to Las Vegas for his bachelor party. He really wished they hadn’t talked him into coming to one of the hottest strip clubs in town. Misty wouldn’t like it, and if Misty didn’t like it, she’d make him totally miserable about it.

Hell, when it come right down to it he wished he wasn’t getting married, but with Peter’s death it was up to him to carry on the family name and have the little grandkids his family was always going on about. The thought of his brother made Chase hate where he was and what he was doing even more. Peter would never have stooped this low. Peter wouldn’t have gotten married to somebody like Misty, either, but his cranky grandfather, the company CEO, had given him a deadline before he gave the reins to their cousin Beauregard the scumbag.

He couldn’t let that happen. So he’d suffer through these low-class dancer routines and pretend to enjoy himself before returning to Boston to marry Misty and make his family happy. Didn’t matter if he was happy. He’d been so busy making himself happy that what had happened to Peter had…happened.

Hell, man, it was the eve of his wedding nearly, he shouldn’t be thinking about that! Maybe he should get good and drunk. He held up his hand for the waitress and ordered a whiskey on the rocks with a shooter of whiskey off the rocks.

Then the dancers strutted into their room that was off in the back of the big strip club with its own little private stage and, of course, a pole.

“Yeah baby!” yelled his friend Bruce when a blonde with amazingly blue eyes shook back her hair and struck a teacher’s ruler against her palm. She had on a tight white blouse with straining buttons and a tiny black skirt.

“Where’s the bad boy who needs a lesson?” she asked. All his drunk friends pointed at him, and Chase waved. “Here, baby.”

Their eyes locked and something washed over Chase like a sledgehammer of deja vu.


© 2005 Jody Wallace