Cattification: Catsassin’s Heart by Isabelly Norse

Assassin’s Heart by Isabella Norse is a fantasy novel complete with adventure, killing, romance, palace intrigue and international diplomacy, probably. However, it was sadly lacking in feline content, so today we have repaired that issue. First, go see the human version at Isabella’s website. It’s important to do that.

Now, you can see our renovation!



Assassin's Hearti

Lillie is a catsassin. What’s a catsassin, you ask? It’s a human who is rightfully compelled to sneak around killing people who need killing because they were bad to cats. This bears little relation to a cat burglar, who neither steals cats nor is a cat. Anyway.

Being a catsassin is not exactly the life she would have chosen, but she has made the best of it. Until now. Disguised as a servant at the palace, she waits for an opportunity to kill the heir to the throne who purportedly was witnessed throwing a bag of kittens into a lake. She didn’t see it herself, but the dog who offered her the money, well, he was convincing, and he didn’t try to sniff her butt one single time. Her conscience tells her that killing a possibly innocent human is wrong, but failure to do so will mean her death because the dog will reveal to all and sundry that she is a legendary catsassin. And also it kind of bugs her to accept money from a dog, but hey, money. Usually she does her job because of the compulsion to right the wrongs against catkind, but the money was a nice change of pace.

Nef, a handsome stable hand, is intrigued by the young red-haired maid who has charmed the animals in his care. Mostly the cats, who keep coming to her with complaints and dead mice and birds as payment. And then people who make the cats’ lives a misery start disappearing, and the beautiful yet mysterious maid always seems to be unaccounted for at the time of death. Nef longs to know her better but harbors secrets of his own – secrets that could rock the very foundations of the kingdom.

When Lillie’s catsassiny ways are revealed by the same sly dog who paid her, Lillie and Nef must work together to find a way to save themselves, their budding love, all the stable cats, the large collection of milk jug lids and stuffed mice under the couch, the laser pointer, the can opener, and two thrones from destruction at the hands of an evil overdog.

Jody Wallace & Meankitty
Author, Cat Person, Amigurumist of the Apocalypse *

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