Meankitty Wants to Know: Kate Willoughby

MochialertThis human author type, Kate Willoughby, has a dog that’s pretty catlike, I must say. Small enough for me and Big D to take out if it tried to creep into our territory. I like that in a dog. My human saw these pictures, and she was all, “Awwwwww!” so I had to scratch her to remind her who is boss in this house. The Willoughby author writes books about humans who take off their clothes a lot and do that thing I don’t care about because I’m fixed. I’ve asked the dog, Mochi, what it’s like to live in the Willoughby household.

1) So, your human writes books. Are they (a) full of praise and hyped up lies about dogs; or (b) do they contain interesting stories? If A, interview is over. If B, you may continue.

1. My human has written one book that had three dogs in it, A Wolf at her Door. (Link:  One of them, Rocky, was a Chihuahua like me, and he was my favorite character. The dogs played a crucial role in the story since they all defended the heroine when she was chased by coyotes. I personally would never take on a coyote, but she writes fiction. I don’t think humans would do half the stuff she makes them do in her books. I suppose the stories are interesting, despite the lack of cats and dogs. The one with the dogs won an Eppie, though.

2) If writers are supposed to be so smart, why does your writer have a dog instead of a cat when it’s common knowledge cats are better? Does that mean your writer isn’t very smart?

2. My human had a cat when she was younger. That black and white cat was precious to her and lived to the ripe age of fifteen. Tonto was a good mother, a skilled hunter, and champion purrer. My human was very sad when Tonto disappeared and suspected that her beloved pet knew the end was near and went off to expire with dignity and privacy. These days, my human is older and weighs more than a human her height should. She needed a pet to help motivate her to exercise. Enter me! We go on walks all the time. Adopting a cat wasn’t going to help her in that way.

{Meankitty’s note: Here’s a cheery grey and white cat that would like to live with Willoughby and Mochi ANYWAY and could probably find a way to make Willoughby increase her activity level by running amuck, going into other rooms and howling as if in pain, kakking on the opposite side of the house, escaping out the door and making a break for it, etc.}


3) So why did your human end up a writer instead of a animal sanctuary owner or something like that?

3. My human loves to read. She is often reading more than one book at a time. She also loves to write, one of the main reasons why she needs that exercise. Her butt is in the chair for many hours everyday.

4) Does being a writer mean your human is home all day and easy to access? What is her day like?

4. My human leaves the house regularly for a job. When she comes home she smells strongly of coffee. She and one of her male pups work for a place called Starbucks. She brought me there once to show me off to her co-workers. Unfortunately there was no food on the floor for me to eat.

5) As a dog, you’re probably not devious or fascinating, but on the off-chance you do have feline traits, what are your techniques for distracting your human during crucial writing moments?

5. I am often in need of petting, so I have been known to rise up and plant my front paws on her leg. She’s pretty smart and knows that means I need to go outside or be picked up. As for distractions, she doesn’t need me for that. She has something called Twitter and Candy Crush Saga that do the job far better than I could.

6) What indignities and neglect have you suffered because of your human’s writing career (besides the absence of a cat to properly rule the house)?

6. To tell the truth, I live a pretty good life. I did some time in the animal shelter. I don’t really remember how long I was caged up because I try to block it out, but I do remember it was a cold, heartless place filled with despair. Living with my human is like a dream come true.

mochiblanket7) We’ve established your human doesn’t write stories full of hyped up lies about dogs. Tell me about the felines in your human’s fiction. How often do they appear and how big a part do they play?

7. No comment. (Please don’t scratch me. It’s not my fault.)

8) When your human gets together with other writers, do they spend half their time sniffing each other’s butts like dogs do?

8. I’ve never actually witnessed my human with other writers except for this one time she met with her critique partner, Dee J. Adams. Dee J. has two dogs, so I’m afraid I spent all my time sniffing their butts and vice versa and I can’t answer your question.

9) Tell us, from a dog’s POV, about your human’s most recent publication.

9. My human is writing a bunch of books about hockey players. It’s not surprising. She’s watching hockey on TV all the time. I’m not exaggerating. We have a very large HD TV and she turns the sound up real loud. She yells. She leaps up and cheers. She curses. She gets so excited, sometimes I think hockey is the human equivalent of going on a walk. Last night, there was a big kerfuffle because a human who is a retired hockey player agreed to be her hockey consultant. Personally, I’m hoping she takes me along when she goes to tour the Los Angeles Kings practice facility because there have got to be some outstanding smells there to smell, especially in the locker room and the workout area.

Anyway, the first hockey book is silly if you ask me. It’s about a hockey player who punches someone. A female human is standing in line so the player can write his name on a hat (which is a completely useless exercise, if you ask me), and some other human in the line gets mad at her and pushes her to the ground and the hockey human doesn’t like that and punches him. I guess maybe the hockey human got a whiff of the female and wanted her to be a member of his pack and not a member of that other human’s pack.

10) What is your human’s next project (bonus points if you answer: getting a cat)?

10. My human’s next project is another book about another hockey human. This book should be more interesting because there is a lot of food mentioned and described in it. I love human food. The female human in it is a chef. My human wants to cook some of the recipes in the book, like tamale soup. If I’m good, I may get a little tidbit tossed my way.


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