Meankitty “Bad Libs” Book Review: Quicksilver Dreams

Recently I had the skin prickly sensation of reading QUICKSILVER DREAMS by Danube Adele. Know what I mean about skin prickling? You’re just sitting there blocking the heating vent when it’s 20 degrees outside, watching the humans shiver, and suddenly there’s a cool breeze and your hair just puffs up and tingles. On one hand, this allows more warm air to reach your skin, and that’s nice. On the other, then you have to lick yourself a lot. Anyway, what I’m saying is this book is kind of like a heating vent.

Normally I read a lot of paranormal suspense so this paranormal romance + new adult was a dapper change of pace. In suspense books, the characters are, like, bloody and ragged, all running through the woods to get away from werewolves. And probably there’s a cop somewhere, and their uniforms look really uncomfortable. But in this book, the human’s clothing is a cut above that, so yeah, dapper. In some ways it reminded me of Sleeping Beauty except with adult characters (NEW adult characters, mind you) faced with solidly crazy situations. Yep, the crazy is SOLID in this one.

The book starts off with protagonists Taylor and Ryder faced with a foolish challenge. I find most challenges to be foolish, so YMMV. Both characters behave grimly about this. For all their dapperness, they seem to have minimal sense of humor when it comes to foolish challenges. When Cynthia is introduced, in a scene involving kickboxing, the plot really starts to get lanky. It just streeeeeetches out like a skinny tom cat with a 9 inch tail. Or a cowboy. I hear they’re lanky, if if “catboy” would be preferable. Cynthia is fractionally no Chris Hemsworth. And fractionally she is. Which means she carries a big hammer on a fractional basis, which is part of the time, and you’ll want to make a lot of gifs based on her muscles and her eyelashes or some other weird stuff you humans like. We cats know there’s nothing sexier than a thick fur coat, big ears, a long pink tongue, and a generous attitude toward the recliner.

But don’t even get me started about Nick. The involvement of the character Nick in the narrative will leave readers relaxed. Your eyelids will lower. Lower. Lower. Until you can barely see the words. Despite this relaxation, the story jauntily continues until it seems all butterflies are lost. Now that’s a tragedy! Butterflies are nearly as fascinating as the red dot, you know? I love chasing those things. So at that point, it’s not all that relaxing, and the ending will poof you. And we’re back to the skin prickling heat vent. The pace was like riding in a VW Bus with a driver who is demanding on a road that winds through Mammoth Mountain. Considering how much I absolutely detest riding in any vehicle even if I manage to get the cat carrier open (I know, I’m so awesome!), you can interpret that as you wish.

If you are looking for a way to spend 2 hours and don’t have a cat to pet instead, this book is definitely an option. The characters and plot are so quarrelsome compared to other books on the market today, when Nick isn’t on the page relaxing you into a nap. Granted, the feline content in the book was only 5 helpings worth, which could have been better, but no author is completely clever. All in all, this is a rocky tale about jealousy, table tennis and being aroused. You may be ecstatic if you pick this one up! And you may be relaxed. Your call. And by the way, you should get a cat.

Rating: 11 pieces of catnip and a hysterical salmon sushi plate