CatNoWriMo, or Cat Novel Writing Month


1) You must start several days AFTER the crazy NaNoWriMo people.

2) You must have previously scoffed at the crazy NaNoWriMo people.

3) You must write your CatNoWriMo masterpiece about cats.

4) Cats must be presented in a favorable light.

5) But not dogs.

6) Unless they are respectful dogs who worship cats and share the bacon.

7) You must make up at least one cat word per entry or at least one feline pun or reference. IE, each entry must mention cats, which should be easy if you’re writing ABOUT CATS, see?

8) Entries must be publicly posted. Proof or it didn’t happen.

9) If the cat wants your seat or to lay on your computer, you’re done for the day.

10) Your goals must be inconsistent and unpredictable. None of this every single day writing 2000 words crap.

11) The final arbitrar of your pass/fail grade is Meankitty. She will assess your work upon completion and hand you your grade. None of this just make your goal and you’re a real winner crap. MEANKITTY IS YOUR RULER, and she shall judge you.

I’ll be posting Meankitty’s story at every day until I’m finished! Who’s with me?

Jody W. & Meankitty *