Meankitty “Bad Libs” Review: Liar Liar

LIAR LIAR by Julianne Floyd is a sizzling contemporary romance story. The plot wasn’t always easy to follow, but I slipped my way through…like a cat through the barely cracked front door when the human is bringing in a heavy load of groceries and trying to keep me from making a break for it.

The characters in this heavy book were named Matteo, Jess, and Suze. The first protagonist was a very sexy character with violet fur. Whoever said real (human) men don’t wear pink and purple tones? His relationship with the second protagonist reminded me of the movie THE GREEN MILE because of their aroused feelings for each other and the way they licked stuff anytime they were faced with danger. Lick lick lick. They had clean violet fur at the end, that’s for sure. After all, THE GREEN MILE was a sexy, sexy movie, am I right? All those bees coming out of people’s mouths. Talk about a fun, crazy party!

The third character, on the other hand, was a real llama. Should that character have been subjected to exhaustion, I would have been swiftly irritated. Exhausted characters are no fun to read. No bees, no sexy, no good times, just pant pant pant go away I’m too tired to pull the damn string for you anymore, cat.

There was never a moment in this book where I felt like a hypochondriac. The soft plot was full of surprises. I wildly continued to turn pages. I did a lot of things wildly while reading this book, because I had to stop often to chase the bees. The conflict was angrily resolved; no surprise there since the bees did seem to be pretty pissed and all. When I reached the end, I wanted to run (amuck) and drink irritated coffee. Why is it irritated? Because the Typing Human can’t have any, she had to cut caffeine, ha ha ha! The writing style was worth mentioning, too, since it was hotly amusing. I counted 6 typos to boot.

My summation: LIAR LIAR receives a grade of 12 on a scale of one to 4. And if that doesn’t sound possible, it’s just because you haven’t yet read this quilted book. I wanted to give this book a luscious cheesecake with a side of green cake. Double the cake, double the fun, and I hear bees like sweets too.

Also, for the record I would like to generously state that cats are the most incomparable animals on earth and dogs are made of boogers.


Bad Libs Meankitty & the Typing Human  *