Meankitty Wants to Know: The Dog of Eleri Stone

Sometimes, though I am a cat, I do make concessions. I have my reasons. Today, I’m going to interview a DOG because the owner of said DOG, Eleri Stone, writes a series about cat shifters, so she’s getting a pass. Granted, there are also DOG shifters in her books, but the fact that the cats are more awesome, as I will prove when I review Rebellion tomorrow, means that the human understands the way of things.

The DOG that the author human owns is named Gracie Mae. Here is her interview.

1) So, your human writes books. Are they (a) full of praise and hyped up lies about dogs; or (b) do they contain interesting stories?

B as in Bacon! Her stories are about people turning into cats, but I like cats. Most cats. And bacon.

2) If writers are supposed to be so smart, why does your writer have a dog instead of a cat when it’s common knowledge cats are better? Does that mean your writer isn’t very smart?

When I was a puppy, I had a cat sister, but she passed away. While I miss her dearly, we can’t have another cat in the house because a member of my family developed an allergy to them.

3) So why did your human end up a writer instead of a animal sanctuary owner or something like that?

Just between you and me, she is way too daydreamy and unorganized to take on such a huge responsibility.

4) Does being a writer mean your human is home all day and easy to access? What is her day like?

She is home most of the day. I stay out from underfoot when she stumbles to the coffee machine in the morning. Then my kids wake up and it’s food time! After everyone is off doing stuff, she stares at the computer again. Boring. I like to liven up her day by periodically pointing out all the other much more interesting things we could be doing outside. But, nope, it’s always workworkworkwork. I mean, come on. Sometimes you need to stop and smell the deer poop. AMIRITE?

5) As a dog, you’re probably not devious or fascinating, but on the off-chance you do have feline traits, what are your techniques for distracting your human during crucial writing moments?

I bark enthusiastically at the wildlife—deer, turkeys, cats, crows, turtles. I also alert her to anyone who steps foot inside our territory—delivery men, neighbors, visitors. Every once in awhile when the tap-tap-tapping of the keyboard gets annoying, I’ll bark at nothing at all…just to mess with her head.

Oh! And when she’s been sitting in one place for too long, I do try to make sure she gets outside for some exercise by nudging her knee and looking pointedly at the door.

6) What indignities and neglect have you suffered because of your human’s writing career (besides the absence of a cat to properly rule the house)?

None, really. I don’t offend easily and there are a bunch of other people in the house to play with when she’s busy. The kids are more fun to run around with anyway!

7) If you’ve gotten this far in the interview, we’ve established that your human doesn’t write stories full of hyped up lies about dogs. Tell me about the felines in your human’s fiction. How often do they appear and how big a part do they play?

Too big. She’s written three books about cats! Like I said, I have nothing against cats but at some point enough is enough. There are wolf shifters in both Rebellion and Witch Bound, so that’s something.

8) When your human gets together with other writers, do they spend half their time sniffing each other’s butts like dogs do?

Oddly, no. If you can explain this to me, please do.

9) Your human did a lot of research about Norse mythology for her Twilight of the Gods series. How do cats fare in Norse Mythology? Were the Norse properly respectful like ancient Egyptians?

In Norse mythology, cats are associated with Freyja—goddess of love, fertility and death. Weird mix, right? Her chariot is pulled by two large cats and she’s said to bless those who are kind to them.

10) What is your human’s next project (bonus points if you answer: getting a cat)?

More stories! Cowboys versus zombies this time around. No cats OR dogs, just horses.



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