Meankitty Review: Rebellion by Eleri Stone

Author Eleri Stone, who did the interview for us yesterday, writes a number of books, but most notably, as far as I’m concerned, some books about cat shifters – the Yaguara. These cats live deep in the Amazon jungle, so you start out feeling pretty sorry for them.

I mean, there may be some nice butterflies and rodents to chase, but it sounds pretty uncivilized. I doubt the cats can just jog down to the store in their human forms and grab a case of delicious tuna. Noooo, they have to get out there and stalk their own prey, no doubt. Which is fun if it’s 3 am and loud and there’s humans trying to sleep, but I wouldn’t want to be a hunter on a regular basis. It would cut too much into napping time, staring time, meowing time, litterbox destroying time, furniture scratching time and birdwatching time. Yes, birdwatching time is very different from staring time, as one involves birds and the other involves freaking the humans out.

So, the story is that some wolf dog person from the US is being flown down to the Yaguara to talk about forming a treaty. The company he works for wants access to the plants in the Yaguara’s territory for research purposes. Maybe it’s full of special catnip. His name’s Cole, and he thinks cats are sneaky and mean. Well, yeah, but at least we don’t sniff butts and roll in carrion, AMIRITE? And he’s dorky – scared of heights and other dumb things.

Cole doesn’t realize the Yaguara are engaged in a cat-on-cat civil war. The airplane gets shot down by the “bad guy” Yaguara, and Cole can’t get away from them since he’s a dog and all. The “good guy” Yaguara have to send this ass kicking kitty warrior named Taya to steal him from the baddies.

(Cosmo from knows how to treat a dog…)

I got a really good laugh when Taya rescues Cole (pretty easily, because cats rule) and he’s all worn out and lost but he follows her “doggedly”. Heh.

After that the story goes downhill. Taya, who seemed so sensible and strong, decides… I can’t hardly even say it… Decides she likes DOGS. Or this particular dog. Cole wants to honch Taya, naturally, since cats are so beauteous and sleek, but I expected Taya to have better taste. When they aren’t dealing with the fact they both seem to be in heat, they are dealing with the fact that strange things are afoot in the Yaguara stronghold, and the bad guys might be closer to creating havoc than everyone thinks.

I have to say, this one’s better than most of the books the human foists off on me. I can’t even do a cat count, because cats were all the way through the book. Unfortunately, so were dogs. AKA wolves. I wonder—why is it always “wolf” shifters, not dog shifters, anyway? And why are feline shifters always jaguars and lions and such instead of the more intelligent domestic house cat? I guess the writers of these stories don’t want them to end so soon, with a protagonist clever enough to figure out the plot by page 6. If the cat wanted to, that is.

This one rates a luxurious licking session and a stretch, with an accidental tumble off the couch for the dumb parts. Buy links at the author’s site:

–MK and the Typing Human +