Snippet Saturday: Action

Snippet Saturday is the brainchild of author Lauren Dane, wherein a group of authors selects thematic excerpts from their work and shares them on Saturday mornings. This Saturday’s snippet is action. Below you will find a bout of fisticuffs and other hijinks from my fantasy romance Survival of the Fairest, and below that you will find links to other SS authors’ fight scenes. Browse away!

Setting up the scene: Protagonists Tali and Jake thought they escaped the antagonist, the fairy Embor, but he and his minions caught up with them in a different Vegas casino. Several of Jake’s fans become involved in the altercation.


“You folks are going to have to move. You’re blocking the way.” A man in a uniform who looked like a guard waved his hands in a shooing motion. “Don’t make me call the police.”

“No need for that! Just having a gab session with the ladies.” Venus flipped back her ropes of hair. “Ask that dude why he’s bothering us.” She pointed at Embor with a fingernail that had to be at least two inches long.

Tali peeked around the blonde woman to see what Embor would do.

“I merely wish to retrieve my possession.” The Elder glared at the human, and his hand fidgeted above his bulging jacket pocket. What was in there, a spellglobe? Using one of those in the presence of humans was certainly not in line with Realm policy.

The guard frowned. “Are you trying to say one of these ladies has a possession of yours?”

Venus wagged her finger. “I know he can’t be calling us thieves.” Several of the ladies turned to glare at Embor. “We got nothing of his.”

Embor clarified his comment. “The young lady in the center. She needs to come with me.”

The guard wasn’t impressed. “Since when are other people possessions? I’m going to have to ask you to leave the premises.” Two more security guards hastened to the scene while the patrons in the casino enjoyed the show. Several bright lights flashed. Human photographic devices. She’d always wanted a camera.

Elder Embor flinched and Tali felt a mean smile brighten her face. He was one of the chief political advocates of noninvolvement with the humans. A real policy-banger. It wouldn’t look pretty on his Court record that he’d caused this commotion. And she’d definitely tell everyone too. Embor could sevendust her, but by Loken, he couldn’t seal her mouth, a fact he’d been heard to lament on occasion.

Some sense of caution finally leaked through his glacial brain. “Sir,” he said to the guard, “it will be as you wish.” He gestured, and most of the fairies melted toward the front of the casino.

“You too, buddy.” The guard loosened his shoulders as if expecting a fight.

Nothing happened for a few tense seconds. Embor nodded. Then, chaos.

The tree-sized fairy grabbed Jake’s shoulder while the female tried to shove her way into the circle to get Tali. Venus threw herself on the back of the fairy menacing Jake and let out an earsplitting screech. More palace guards protested and moved in. Embor tried to muscle his way between the blonde woman and a redhead, but they wrapped their arms around his body.

“Hello, gorgeous!” said the redhead in a throaty voice. “Where’ve you been all my life?”

Tali didn’t have a chance to enjoy the sight of the shocked and priggish Elder in their embrace. Two other ladies grabbed her arms and headed toward the back of the casino. No black-clad fairies marred her path.

Son of a sevensie, was she going to get away? But what about Jake?

Tali heard the smack of flesh against flesh followed by a masculine grunt and a thud. A glance over her shoulder revealed Jake sprawled on the floor, rubbing his jaw. Venus still clung to the huge fairy’s back, but he didn’t appear to care. Several guards grasped him by the arms and tried to pull Venus off him.

“Jake!” she cried out.

“Talista, do not accompany those persons.” Embor whipped out his communication device, but the blonde lady snatched it from him and dropped it down her capacious bosoms.

“Give that back.” Embor shrugged off one arm only to have another wrap around him from the other side. A hand rumpled his hair.

“Search me, baby,” she said. “I think you’ll be really surprised at what you find.”

Even as she strained to watch, Tali’s escorts zipped her around a block of machines and she couldn’t see or hear any more.


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