Snippet Saturday: Stellarcat Pounce

Snippet Saturday is the brainchild of author Lauren Dane, wherein a group of authors selects thematic excerpts from their work and shares them on Saturday mornings. This Saturday’s snippet is author’s choice. And you know what I choose? A cattification of JL Hilton’s Stellarnet Prince…aka Stellarcat Pounce! A cattification is where Meankitty kindly “fixes” some far-too-human oriented text so that it reads more smoothly and with greater literary merit. And is about cats.

You can see the cattification of the cover and blurb here:


J’ni pressed her cheek to Purrin’s speckled, soft, furry back, kissing his neck while he slept. In many ways, they were similar. They were intelligent mammals who bled, breathed, ate, and needed sleep. They possessed legs, ears, eyes. But there were numerous differences between her species and his, between humans and the Glin-nip stellarcats.

Her hand moved down his spine, smooth as silk, and traced the dense muscles hardened by a lifetime of hunting and leaping. Beneath closed eyelids rimmed with tiny whisker-like lashes, his eyes were yellower than her own and filled almost entirely with black irises when it was dark. Past his pink kitty lips were teeth more useful and sharper than hers. His pelt bore several shades from taupe to chartreuse—but only on the back half of his body, like many creatures on Earth.

Light flickered through cracks in the woven walls of the hut. J’ni knew what the sunlight meant to his planet. Warm sunspots. Mmmm. Too much water had been sprayed upon them by the evil Tikati dog creatures, too many rivers formed. Within a few years, disgusting swamps and ecological upheaval had altered the weather systems and air flow upon which the lives of these hunter-felines depended. But she couldn’t help the fact she was drip-dry and didn’t bathe with her tongue. She didn’t hate water as much as her new stellarcat bosses did.

She rolled onto her back and stretched. Bright spots danced over Bellchaser’s paws and across her stomach. Unique among all Glin-nip, the other cat’s back half was a deep indigo blue, with thin lines of blue-green in a wriggling pattern that looked like sun dappled leaf shadow. The pattern made his fur seem to shimmer when he moved.

“Gullaow mow brooow?” The rich cello music of Bellchaser’s speech resonated in his sturdy, feline chest as he spoke to her in Glin-nip-ish. “Meow mew maow.”

“I couldn’t think of a better way to wake up than between the two of you kitties. Even if you somehow managed to hog a kingsize mattress, leaving me with just four inches to sleep in.”

A yawn softened his stern, angular, Burmese-like features, and evoked a deeper, more instinctive reaction than the sunlight. She scritched obediently under his chin, her mouth telling him how beautiful he was, her fingers tangling with his fur to hold him close. Her long viridian necklace—which matched the genmod hair on her head—dangled an enticing suggestion across his abdomen. “Want to play?”

An alarm clock chimed and Purrin woke with a sneeze, squinting at the display. “Mew?”

He rolled over and saw them cuddling. “Mrrrr.”

“Are you jealous, kitty? Do you want lovings too?”

“Prrrrrrr.” Purrin stretched out his paw to pat her arm.

Purrin headbutted her hip, the curve of her waist, her shoulder—then he flicked his long tail, swatting Bellchaser on the top of the head.

“Nazzzz.” Bellchaser hissed, claws springing from his paws. She hadn’t seen those since the Tikati invasion. Then he rolled onto his as if nothing happened.

“Sah meewl pirrup,” said Purrin, and Bellchaser flicked his tail-tip lazily.

J’ni spoke their language, but she didn’t understand what he meant. “Feed the fish. Is that an idiom?”

“Mew,” Purrin explained.

“Ah, make the fish nice and fat for you to chew?”

“Maoow.” Purrin demonstrated gently on her shoulder.

“Oh, you want to masticate some breakfast. I should take care not to confuse the two.”

He flicked his ear and got up from the kingside mattress and bava fabric that comprised their bed.

“Our days of leisure are at an end,” J’ni said to the kitties sadly. “We must make haste. The ship is ours for only twelve hours.”

To read the original excerpt on Google Books, a link provided by the human author of Stellarnet Prince, which bears some vague resemblence to Stellarcat Pounce:  

Ms. Hilton’s website:


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