Snippet Saturday: Author’s Choice

Snippet Saturday is the brainchild of author Lauren Dane, wherein a group of authors selects thematic excerpts from their work and shares them on Saturday mornings. This Saturday’s snippet is author’s choice. Below I’ve got a short scene from Survival of the Fairest where the villain who isn’t the villain meets the villain who is the villain.


The scene opens when Elder Embor of Clan Torval, the fairy Primary, has failed to capture the heroine, Talista, who is AWOL in humanspace. In Vegas, no less. He requests that the local fairy ring agent give him a report.


When the gray-haired fairy was brought to him, she crushed out her cigarette and blew a cloud of smoke in his face. Embor closed his eyes and prayed for patience, though it was difficult surrounded by poisonous fumes.

The woman had become peculiar and insubordinate during her stint in humanspace, but her record showed no complaints. Her team had identified many entries to increase the fragmented lists of individuals to be monitored. Her achievements were undeniable. The Agent Oversight Committee in charge of humanspace agents was satisfied with her mental health. Ring agents who spent years with humans often became eccentric. Who wouldn’t after inhabiting this stinking world for decades?

“Lit out on you, did she?” Her voice was a rusted creak of dissolution. She brushed an ash from her filmy white skirt and flipped the butt at the trashcan. “Sucks to do things without magic, don’t it?”

“It’s more difficult than need be. Creating spellglobes to locate her would take time, time we don’t have.” It would also require the cooperation of Anisette or the twins’ parents, and he wasn’t ready to alert Clan Serendipity to the fact that their beloved princess was AWOL in humanspace.

The woman shifted on the hotel bed and crossed one leg over the other. A bony knee poked through a hole in her tights. “It would suck to live like this, what, fifty years? Get you a head of gray hair and a crop of wrinkles worse than a whore’s bed. The piss-paltry few months you Realmsiders experienced during the Incident ain’t got nothing on it for aches and pains.”

Embor tightened his lips to prevent himself from savaging the old fairy. The Incident had nearly devastated the Realm. He replied in an even voice. “Humanspace isn’t healthy in large doses. Your commitment does your clan honor.”

“Commitment my pasty white ass.” She assessed him with pale eyes. “I hear twosies can’t go longer than a week or two without suffering the nail-heads.”

“Correct.” Embor could stave off separation sickness, but the princess couldn’t. “You see why it’s imperative we retrieve Talista soon.”


Yes, I loved both these characters so much they showed up in One Thousand Kisses!

Jody Wallace *

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