Zombies Will Eat Your Yarny Brains

At the upcoming Authors After Dark convention (http://www.authorsafterdark.org/) in August 2012, fellow author and zombie apocalypse expert TJ Michaels (http://www.tjmichaels.com/) is giving away some amazing gift baskets full of literary, zombierary, and other assorted loot. In the spirit of how awesome this conference is, I have contributed several zombie amigurumis to the baskets that participants can possibly win, if they’re very, very lucky.

Here’s a couple group shots:

How terrified would YOU be if you saw this horde coming to eat your brains??

Here they were waiting patiently, with only a few protesting moans due to hunger, to be tucked into the box I mailed to TJ.

Thought you might want to get a better picture of their ravenous faces, so we did a little non-aquatic water ballet and snapped this shot.

Stay tuned this week as we feature each of these evil amigurumi (which are based on the patterns in this book: http://www.amazon.com/Creepy-Cute-Crochet-Christen-Haden/dp/1594742324 with necessary modification). Zombies aren’t just faceless, moaning monsters. Every zombie has a story.

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